Almost Summertime: Bench Monday & Bougainvillea

1: up close, blossoms and blooms and whispers.

2: hello, bougainvillea...my finger in the photo is a lucky mistake.

3: blues and browns and looking down at what's weathered.

4: spilling, tipping, tumbling in pink and sunlight.

5: i picked this one for you, it's true!

6: my favorite view of our building, looking up.

7: oh, so summertime...

8. a little bit of quiet.

Hello, lovely friends. I have been in the studio all day today working on a book for an exhibition in the Hudson River Valley in just two weeks. (Eek!) Nothing like a deadline to keep me motivated to persevere to the finish line. (I hate to admit how incredibly good deadlines are for my studio practice. Eh hem, very very good!) I will show you tidbits and photos and details soon... I'm almost, almost finished.

Right now, I just wanted to take a few minutes away from my oh-so-very messy studio to tell you Happy Bench Monday! Yes, if you haven't already heard about it or posted your own fantastic "HBM" photos, you might want to go have a peek. There are dozens and dozens, even hundreds upon hundreds of delightful bench photos over on Flickr. I've been trying to figure out why the bench photos are all the rage and then I think I got it: Because it's super fun! So today's little post is a tip of the hat to HBM and also to bougainvillea and all things almost summertime-- the bougainvillea is finally draping and spilling across our livingroom window with intoxicating shades of pink. That means it's summertime.

I still have some woodland photos from our trip to NY that I'd like to share with you soon, not to mention a few other pretty random things that have me swooning over summer. Soon, so soon! For now, back to the studio to finish printing and binding that book. Happy (bench) Monday!


  1. Marcie6/16/2009

    Oh so pretty. I can't wait for the package to arrive in the mail. Timmi's HUGE one came yesterday. So exciting.

  2. I see summer has arrived to your door. Lucky you!

  3. Delightful, and very summer-y. And you are so beautiful.
    Oh, yes - the deadline-thing. Me too.

  4. marcie: thank you for all your organizing, renovating, and good inspired cheer!

    esti: yes, summer has finally arrived at our front door. thankfully!

    christine: thank you for such very kind words. and deadlines are amazing, i agree!

  5. so nice to catch up on your posts! you're gorgeous indeed!


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