Brooklyn, Be Mine: Photos from a June Wedding & the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair











Hello, friends. We have returned from our short & sweet trip to New York. Brooklyn is still bustling, humid, and amazingly beautiful--just as I remember. I've decided that a June wedding in a big sprawling Brooklyn park might just be at the top of my romance meter. A long white dress dusting the green grass, a beaming groom in a light pink shirt, a hundred or so guests cheering and tearing up and drinking and dancing and generally making merry. Yes, I think that ranks at the top of the happy romance meter. Sigh.

While our trip to Brooklyn was primarily for the wedding of our dear friends, we also managed to connect with just a few other beloveds, take a trip to The New Museum for an inspired tour of The Generational: Younger than Jesus show (So much stimulation, inspiration, and general exciting angst. Go see it for certain!) and we also took a tour of the Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair. My goodness! Just as I remember my years in New York: Saturated with people to see, events to attend, restaurants to visit, streets and watersides and parks to wander, and definitely artists & crafters & designers at every turn. Brooklyn, be mine!

I only spent a few hours wandering the craft fair on Saturday afternoon before dashing off to the wedding. But I did manage to find a few favorites, even on a quick tour of the masses. There were so many amazing artists and crafters that it was hard to chose just a few for a longer visit, small purchase, or short conversation. Afterwards, when I was thinking back on why some booths were just a tad more inviting, I realized that in the midst of such immense talent, professional products, and adorable crafters and makers, I was actually looking for something specific.

Yes, I think I was looking for the crafter's booth that was certainly adorable and immaculately designed, but also reflected an eco-friendly value. A nod to the environment, to reusing, recycling, or working with sustainable or biodegradable materials in the midst of amazing handmade consumerism. And so... I just adored the vintage necktie creations of Lilian Asterfield by Nicole Deponte; the wood, concrete, and silver jewelry by Tam Aura; the clever eco-political screenprints by Black Sheep Heap; the letterpress creations with soy ink and recycled cardstock by Sycamore Street Press; and the handcrafted green designs by Jewelweeds.

Oh, dear Brooklyn, you are just as exhilarating as I remember. Of course, you are! xoxo, k.


  1. I've got a Black Sheep Heap tee! They're awesome. I'm a big fan of the art + gardener designs.

  2. outdoor weddings are wonderful - i imagine in new york it would be even better. and how great that you made it to renegade!

  3. Here's to sunshine and merriment and all that beauty.

  4. kevin: hooray for black sheep heap. their t-shirts are just adorable.

    aimee: yes, outdoor weddings are incredibly romantic. i adore them!

    gracia: yes, yes-- cheers to all that beauty.


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