Gaining Light (and Levity) by the Seashore.

We took to the coast on Sunday afternoon, navigating the miles of beautiful twisty roads all the way to the beach at the Point Reyes National Seashore, just a few hundred feet below one of my favorite places on earth-- Pierce Point Ranch. With temperatures in the 90s this weekend--and after I finished making The Red Sweater book and my mister finished directing a video installation/ dance performance in a San Francisco theater festival-- we decided it was time for a little R&R.

So we turned away from our beloved studio, our bursting garden, and our over-ambitious to-do lists and instead packed up a picnic complete with a favorite striped blanket and two floppy sun hats. After a few hours of beach-combing, blanket-lounging, and magazine-browsing, we were energized enough for a round of cartwheels on the sand and a tiny bit of rock climbing complete with tanned shoulders and barely-there burns across our noses. The result was a little bit of levity. Thank goodness!

And so (exhale) a little bit of levity and sunlight were gained this weekend out by the seashore-- it simply reset me. Perhaps it was the baby seal that tumbled up onto the sand and then promptly scampered back out to the water again. Or maybe it was the wildflowers along the back roads, still holding on to their vibrant colors while the rest of the California hills have turned to summer's soft burned browns and yellows. Or better yet, maybe it was just the mermaids calling us to the ocean's edge.


  1. I love them all, but especially that one of you upside down by the seashore... i want to try too!

  2. oh what a lovely trip! going to the seashore (especially the california coast) always helps me to gain mental levity, but i think i'd break in half if i tried one of those cartwheels. you must be uber flexible!

  3. ahh!! will you teach me to do a cartwheel next time I see you? Being on the beach with 10 year olds and seeing dance recitals I am feeling like I need to take advantage of my youthful body before it's too late!

  4. Sounds amazing, and looks so playful and happy :-)

  5. I love pic #2. Such a beautiful photo.

  6. Sunlight on the waves... yes, by the ocean is a wonderful place to be. Enjoy!

  7. stash: good to hear from you! so glad you like the beach shots.

    esti: i thought of you as i took the beach shots! i just adore your beach photos. and yes, you should do cartwheels too!

    aimee: you could certainly do a cartwheel, i'm sure of it! and yes, the california coast does bring a certain mindfulness and playfulness too.

    ambra: i will certainly teach you to cartwheel the next time we are together. it's a deal, for sure. xoxo.

    christine: yes, it's for happy-making, i think.

    jamie: nice to hear from you again! so glad you like the feather shot.

    gracia: agreed. sunlight & waves makes for a magical visit.


  8. Your pics are better; your beach is emptier; your body elasticity is way finer than mine. But i'll try anyway.

  9. Oh that is such a beautiful place! Makes me miss California...
    Thanks for sharing.


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