A New Handmade Book & Upcoming Exhibition

("The Red Sweater", front cover.)

(Front pages, opened.)

Hello friends and happy Monday to you! I've just finished making a brand new book. This project has been filling my studio hours with editing, scanning, binding, Photoshop battles, and a bit of sewing too. "The Red Sweater" is based on a series of TTV photographs I took last summer. When my dear friend, Marcie aka Zora Jane, invited me to join the One Stone Collective and create something for the inaugural "Compass" show, I knew this photo series was about to find its new home. The exhibition opens on Saturday and I've just finished my book, phew!


There are all sorts of things combined into this one book: TTV photos, longitude & latitude locations, Gocco prints of taxidermy deer heads, a favorite red sweater, decorative flowery paper, salvaged wood, grommets, pretty brown ribbon, and an altered poem too.


The poem is a twist on the famous William Carlos Williams poem, "The Red Wheelbarrow". This poem annoys and intrigues me to no end! My own version reads: So much depends upon a red wool sweater stitched by one woman beside the yellow porch. My own tip-of-the-hat to the current art/ craft movement, perhaps perhaps. So... there you have it: A brand new one-of-a-kind handmade book, this time infused with photographs, poem, scans, and prints.


The other part of this book is the amazing collective behind it. The One Stone Collective is centered around two members being on long-term residencies at The Grail in the Hudson River Valley. As part of that residency, they've created and organized a women's art collective, renovated sheds into galleries, prepped fields and added stages for performances, and curated an exhibition based on the theme "Compass". The exhibition opens this Saturday and runs through August.

(Binding detail.)

Take a peek over at the One Stone Collective blog for more information about the other artists, The Grail, and a link to a delightful batch of photos over on Facebook. And if you are anywhere near Cornwall-on-Hudson on this Saturday, June 27 then please take a peek at the opening day festivities. Happy week to you, dear friends, and happy artmaking.

(Back pages, opened.)



  1. Anonymous6/23/2009

    A great looking piece! Glad to see another beautiful work "Made by Katrina"...

  2. Love it! Did you scan the actual sweater to make that background paper?!

    I love that you bridged so many mediums, used so many of your skills.
    I think it will be wondered over!

  3. anonymous: aw, thank you.

    ambra: hello my friend. yes, the actual red sweater was scanned, as was the salvaged wood and fancy flower paper then all printed on smooth heavyweight cotton paper. and then the photos were sewn to the cotton paper, then bound. thanks for your kind words! (and i loved your post about hair.) xoxo, k.

  4. ooohhh!!! fun to see this! congrats. xo

  5. katrina, that's soooo beautiful, you're a star! :)

  6. There is no substitute for a handmade book. This type of work has always fascinated me but I've never made it farther than zine-level. Maybe one day, when resources and time permit.

    Great work! Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. shauna: so nice of you to visit again! i've missed you.

    tiny red: you are SO kind. how fun to be a star?!? thank you.

    latte: thanks for visiting my blog. and yes, i agree, handmade books are such a decadent treasure. it makes me miss the letterpress studio where i used to teach, but maybe one day i'll have my own press too!

  8. Oh this is just so cool. It pairs so well with your photography!


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