Postcards, Poetry, and Summertime Hues.

(Hydrangeas from the farmer's market.)

(Two signs of summer: Bare feet & stone fruit.)

(A feast of local produce. Dear, California.)

(Artichokes line the driveway.)

(Our little peach tree, almost ripe.)

(Happy Bench Monday.)

(Blurry roses and clouds drift by, daydreaming all the while.)

(The beginnings of a postcard project.)

Hello, friends. A quiet holiday weekend over here with much needed daydreaming. It was a bit chilly but signs of summer are all around the garden, the farmer's market, and the neighborhood yards. I officially declare: Summer has arrived to Oakland! It's difficult not to find all the rose blossoms completely intoxicating, the peaches completely indulgent, and the tomatoes completely awe-inspiring as they begin to ripen into deep shades of purple and red. Oh, summery hearts.

In the studio, I've started a new collection of poems. Yes, after finishing my first poetry manuscript just about a year ago (and quickly deeming it "too long and too messy" to try to publish) I haven't written many poems at all. Quite a change from the few years previous when I wrote more than 300 pages! My goodness. So, it's good to return to a little poetic practice. I'm writing a series of poems based on these paintings which I found through Artkrush--subscribe if you haven't already--and also interweaving some theories of interior design and the infamous (and ever-entertaining) etiquette guidelines of Emily Post. Very fun. And very much in the beginnings.

Lastly, I just started a postcard exchange project with a dear friend in New York. One postcard a day for the month of July. We did a similar exchange about 5 years ago and I'm sooo excited to be doing it again. It's such a treat to find handmade postcards in the mailbox for an entire month! I highly recommend it. My postcards are snidbits of a story about a little house, a big bird, and a medium-sized girl named, Clover... I'll let you know as it progresses! xoxo, k.


  1. spending winter in oakland was exciting enough for this canadian (oranges, lemons, grapefruits, magnolia trees in january) let alone peaches, tomatoes and artichokes! how dreamy!

  2. i want to do a postcard exchange!!! xxoo

  3. um, p.s. did i miss your mention of your new etsy photo shop? hello?!

  4. Yum. Peaches – ripe figs — blue skies. I can almost smell your Californian summer. I bet it smells different than the Scandinavian. The Italien, and Greek summmer does.

    I love the postcards. Exchange?? (Shauna's comment) - I did postcards! I'd exchange! :-)

    And how great that you are writing again. Will you post some ?


  5. looks like you are having a wonderful summer... i hope you'll share more of those postcards with us!

  6. vivienne: yes, we are super lucky to have nearly a 12-month growing season with or without the rains.

    shauna: hello, my friend! yes, more postcard exchanges in the future. maybe i'll organize a bigger one with a handful of folks. and yes, the etsy photo went up months ago. welcome back!

    christine: summer in oakland is quite dreamy, not so cold as san francisco and not so hot as the valley. the poetry is in very beginning stages but i'll post as i get farther along (she says shyly). and i'm thinking about a bigger postcard exchange... could be SO fun!

    aimee: yes, i'll certainly share postcards throughout the month. i just keep mailing them before i take their photo... silly me.


  7. katrina, this is such a beautiful summertime post... the images are just dreamy. those artichokes! and that blue blue sky. gorgeous.

  8. I really like these postcards - how do you create them?

  9. amisha: so glad you like it! your posts are always such incredible inspiration... glad you enjoyed this post.

    kat: each postcard is created a bit differently. for the most part, they are mixed media including: original lino prints, thread, pencil, colored pencil, watercolor, ink, and other various random bits of ephemera!


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