This is What July Looks Like, Over Here.


My dear friends,

This is what July looks like over here. So for this week, I'll let the photos do most of the talking and I'll kindly hush, hush. I hope they'll tell you the things they told me this afternoon: Sweet like peach juice from a tiny urban garden where the peaches have finally bloomed; fragile like a pencil line shaping starfish and budding branches and floating umbrellas and stitches too; bold like an L-O-V-E tee shirt in gray and white that shouts, "Iloveyou" like political protest; and a canning jar full of fresh-cut flowers that somebody picked from the farm and brought back to the house, just for you.



  1. I love very much how your July looks... thanks for the visual splendor of it all. July is a good month here, too.

  2. i love july your way. i am inspired to have a conversation with you in what july looks like, or what august looks like, or what each season looks like...what a beautiful peak into your life. so lush and juicey and lovey!

  3. I love your starfish! What a happy, summery post.

  4. your july looks full of beauty and good colour :)

  5. your summer looks divine! i'd love to spend a day doing these wonderful things :)

  6. Anonymous7/31/2009

    A perfect summer in photos. Beautiful post friend.

  7. love this--and thank you for your advice--best advice yet--reading like a sponge...thank you dear k.

  8. looks like SWeet and Love are written all over your world.

    totally love the images on your other post, too! the dancing friendship... great motion and emotion. Love that bench.

  9. gracia: yes, july was quite lovely. glad to know it was lovely on your end too.

    vanessa: i am ready for conversations about the month, the season, the view from the front window... whenever you would like!

    jamie: aw, thanks. i was a bit at odds with my little starfish, thanks for the good cheer.

    thereza: aw, so sweet.

    aimee: most of these moments happened in little batches throughout the month. though an entire day of printing, peach-gazing, and flower-picking sounds divine doesn't it? sigh.

    andie: thank you. your photo posts are always SO inspiring. some of my favorite flower photos are resting over there in your dear blog.

    deb: fun! so glad you are enjoying the apartment therapy cure. it's effing amazing. can't wait to see your journey unfold.

    mansuetude: "looks like sweet and love are written all over your world" ... oh, how wonderful of you.


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