Two Girls in Dresses in a Meadow by the Coast: A Tribute to Long-Lasting Girlhood

We've been friends for 26 years-- since we were in first grade and I asked her to teach me to draw those bubble dogs with the puffy cheeks! Luckily, she agreed, and agreed to an infinite list of other requests including being the maid-of-honor in my wedding this spring. Each of our lives has been full of joy and magic, challenge and determination, adventure and travel, love and elation, sorrow and grief, mystery and meaning--just like anybody else.

But there's something about having the same set of sturdy shoulders nearby for 26 years that just makes me well-up with sweet tears every time it's mentioned. It's like just the existence of this person in my life is enough to remind me of all the things I need to hold dear. Like she's this constant reflection of the girl I was and the woman I've become, and like she somehow helps to thread all those years into one cohesive and less complicated story. Thank goodness!

So, this weekend we carved out a few hours for an adventurous photo shoot: Two Grown-up Girls in Flowy Dresses in a Meadow by the Coast. It's as if we're truly blood sisters, or spit sisters, or some other sort of sisterhood established by the likes of first and second graders in clubs with signs that read, "Girls Only, Keep Out". Like we are actually keeping true to that pact we made on the playground when we offered those little silver necklaces in the height of 80s fashion: Best Friends Forever.

This is my tribute to long-lasting friendship, my toast to indispensable connection, my cheers to insistence on girlhood most importantly when we are actually adults. There's a power in it all, a resilience, a rebellion, an open-armed and whole-hearted embrace of the parts that make us stronger. The parts that twirl, and prance, and jump, and pirouette in the meadow overlooking the coast, and leap in the tall grass by the old farm shed, and continue to giggle regardless of everything else. The parts that motivate us, that inspire us, that lead us with little more than a porch light glowing softly over a rusted turquoise bench.

To all these parts and pieces of girlhood and friendship, I raise my glass of something bubbly and tap it against your glass...


  1. how beautiful! I love it! You both look great by the way ;)

  2. Anonymous7/21/2009

    "she's this constant reflection of the girl I was and the woman I've become"...


  3. Lovely post!!!!

    Thank you so much for the heartwarming words you left me on my blog, they made me GLAD :)


  4. 26 years, what a rare and wonderful gift. You both look so very happy. How wonderful it is to have such a special friend.

  5. Shauna7/21/2009

    jeesh- how'd we get so lucky? i love you with all my heart. xoxo

  6. I love these...how rare and blessed both of you are!

  7. i love these and that glider, holy crap is that yours? my grandma melba had one, i so want to find one in working condition.

    you are gorgeous.

  8. beautiful in every single way katrina...so heartwarming...

  9. awwwww..... GREAT photos....

  10. a moving post. i love how friends reflect in each other. plus, i love your pictures. they've brought me joy today. thanks.

  11. the bowmans: aw, thank you kindly! so dear of you.

    andie: it's true... she somehow holds my whole life story from 6 to 32 and she makes it seem simple. my goodness!

    duften: thank you. your blog is delightful. glad to meet you here.

    louise: rare, for certain. and wonderful too, just as you've said.

    shauna: there you are! hi sweet friend. xoxo, k.

    stash: so glad you like them. i still think of your dress photo shoot that used to be your header... so divine.

    kelly: oh, i know! i love that teal glider/ porch swing. no, it isn't mine but i wish it was! so pretty. i hope you find one for your own...

    deb: aw, thank you. so kind of you.

    lisa: (enter smile here.)

    esti: yes, reflection for sure. so glad you like the pics.

    dear friends: you've done it again... gone ahead and made my day. xoxo, k.

  12. Oh. Beautifully-put. Found you via deb's blog...and I'm so happy I did.

  13. maria: i'm so happy you found me too. and your blog is lovely! so nice to "meet" you here. xoxo, k.


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