A Handful of Things.

**dahlias, from the market.

**hi, it's me.

**the last postcard.

**my sweetie, certainly saturday.

**the littlest sweetie too.

**i finished these pillows.

**the simplest pattern: just 3 parts.

**our family portrait: makes me giggle.

**summer fades to fall.

**a cobweb, you see?

**smoke & mirrors.

Hello, dear friends. It was a weekend well-spent. We picked up those dahlias at the farmer's market and I've taken over two dozen photos: They sit so perfectly on the kitchen table in their white ceramic vase against the dark wood and just next to the dark purple figs. Every time I look at them, I feel my mood lift a little bit.

In other weekend news, I made one last postcard as you see above. This one reads, "Drifting...up, up and away". This is the very last in July's postcard series--and obviously the most overdue as it is already mid-August. I've enjoyed these mixed media postcards so much that I'm hoping to continue with this investigation into combining linoleum prints, thread, colored pencil, and poetry. I'd like to try working a little big bigger than the standard 4x6" postcard too.

I also made two new pillows for the bedroom. These pillows are so amazingly easy to make that even a non-stitcher could whip these up in just a little bit. It's just one big piece of fabric across the front and two smaller overlapping pieces of fabric across the back (each with one finished edge so the pillow just slips right between those two back pieces). So satisfying and quick and a good excuse to take a trip to the local fabric store. Not to mention, I'm in love with this printed fabric by Japanese designer Kokka, it's the fabric for the pillows in the living room too, in last week's post.

In other news, I am on vacation this week. (Eep!) So, I'm very slowly starting to build myself a website. And dedicating time to slow, quiet acts like reading, drawing, maybe a bit of sewing, and movie-watching too. We're also going to head into the mountains for a couple of nights, in search of a little log cabin with our names on it. I'm dreaming up a little cabin on a hillside, with a river big enough for swimming, some dramatic morning light, and a promise of quietude. I'll let you know how it turns out. xoxo, k.


  1. I love your photographs...and your family portrait is hilarious. I think all family portraits should be like that. Have a productive (or not, in the best of ways) week off - wherever it may take you. Loved visiting today. There is such peace and quiet here...

  2. hey there, gorgeous! i love your family portrait - and those pillows! oh!! beautiful!

  3. so much goodness! your family portrait made me smile this morning too :)
    i hope you have a lovely vacation week!

  4. i love the family portrait!
    and yay for vacations and good luck w/ the website!!

  5. looks like the perfect weekend..and oh sounds like the perfect getaway vacation week coming up!
    have a wonderful time..look forward to hearing all the gloriously relaxing details.

  6. ohh Katrina, what a beautiful sequence of pictures!!! it's lovely to have a little peek into the gorgeous visuals of your life miles away :)
    ps: had a hard time finding your blog just now, it seems to have disappeared from my link list. i'll sort it out tomorrow!

  7. wonderful story teller with photos. Love the dhalias and the family portrait is so wonderful! Ha!

  8. Beautiful moments captured. Blooms from the market and the hands of your sweetie are two particular favourites.

    Enjoy the tail end of your summer.g

  9. Anonymous8/24/2009

    Have fun on your vaca! A little cabin in the woods sounds divine right now. Love what you've been working on...and especially love your family portrait.

  10. Great Dahlia pic, love flower photos!

  11. maria: so kind, thank you. and our vacation was lovely. sigh.

    aimee: so glad you like them! that family portrait might be our first married holiday card! eep.

    amisha: oh, how sweet. thank you for your (always) kind words.

    lisa: i just adored your post about blogging. adored it. and yay for vacations, is right. i need the luck with the website, or magic and patience more so.

    spilling: thank you. the vacation was so darn good. and now we're back...just like that.

    thereza: hello to you miles away! i think that's part of the magic of blogging, the international glimpses into each other's home/ studio/ lives. hi, hi.

    mansuetude: thank you. and i'm so glad you liked the dahlias, i was swooned by them.

    gracia: i never tire of seeing his hands wrapped around a coffee cup, it's such a reminder of home, i suppose. and yes, the tail end of summer. so soon.

    andie: so glad. i've been a flurry of mixed media on paper, always glad when the work takes a turn. i wish i could've brought the cabin back to oakland with me!

    jj: i love flower photos too. one might say, i'm addicted. thanks for visiting my little corner of the world.

    dear friends: mwah! thank you.


  12. LOVE the family portrait!


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