Postcard Projects & Studio Clean Outs


Hello, dear friends. I just spent the entire day cleaning my little studio and I'm amazed at the amount of stuff that just came out of very small spaces! I've been reading Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure and I'm just coming to the close of my 8-week clean out, tuck in, step over, and move around project. It's been an amazing guide all the way through--full of practical interior design techniques and dreamy inspirational exercises too. For those of you who read Deb's blog, you'll see she's recently been bitten by the 8-week bug. It feels so good!

It also tends to turn a critical eye at any cabinet, drawer, shelf, or closet that hasn't been accessed in the past few weeks. (Or months, eh hem.) So! I have just hauled 2 bags of garbage, 2 bags of recycling, and 5 bags of goodwill giveaways from my wee studio. When I say "wee" that means that my mister and I currently share a 12' x 12' studio space, so I've grown very capable of tucking large amounts of beloved clutter into very small spaces. But this is not a skill I recommend! However, it's a skill I think I inherited by growing up in a roomy country house with barns and endless found treasures and spaces for stashing those treasures too. Very different from multiple urban apartments and small shared studio spaces.

So... today was an epic cleaning adventure. I feel lighter already! I also wanted to show you the ends of the recent postcard project. (One original postcard everyday for the month of July.) This last batch of postcards will be shipped off to my dear friend in New York. It was quite a wonderful project--some days were missed and caught up later in the week, some days were quick and painless, some days were long and languish and lovely, and some days were just plain uneventful. As is life! Happy Monday, dear friends. See you soon. xoxo, k.


  1. You know, I read about the book on Deb's blog (thanks to you) and got inspired to go out and get it. I am now reading it...
    I am the opposite of a pack-rat; I grew up moving around, so I part with things with abandon. My husband, on the other hand, grew up much like you, in the sense that he never moved while growing up and there was never any reason to get rid of stuff. So - I keep an eye on his cluttering ways, he goes behind me taking stuff out of black leaf bags as I try to stay...ordered.
    Anyway. I am really liking the book - I love the way he writes about what designers really do. Very insightful...
    And I love your postcards, by the way... I especially like the one with the black bird.

  2. Your postcard project looks great. I also admire your ability to de- clutter... one I don't really have

  3. huzzah for us! thank you for even more inspiration! even though i'm on to some other step, still finding things to toss. oh and i have some postcards for you if you want :)

    consider them mail art...

  4. maria: so glad you are enjoying the book. i just finished. phew!

    louise: thanks for the kind words about the postcards. they were so much fun to make.

    deb: i'm done!!! can't wait to see how the process has been for you. and yes, of course, i want your postcards-as-mail-art. email me?


  5. What a lovely studio space! I am just so jealous. You have stolen my favourite kind of blue.


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