Tea with Me: An Apartment & Studio Tour

(my thinking space.)

(beloved collections.)

(an inspiration line, full of birds and vintage postcards.)

(blues and browns and feathers.)

(my crafting table.)

(boxes arranged by theme, and ribbons.)

(two of my favorite cameras.)

(vintage dolls, tins, and a hat form.)

(the opposite view.)

(another collection of things.)

(and up close.)

Dear friends, I want to take you on a little tour of our home and studio. We have recently integrated all our new and old things and successfully purged and rearranged until our little house feels cozy and spacious again. (The total sum of our worldly goods definitely increased with wedding gifts this spring.)

This recent rearranging was a great deal of fun and well-guided by Apartment Therapy: The Eight-Step Home Cure. It was also well-guided by: Recycled Home, Apartment Therapy Presents, and Living in Style Without Losing Your Mind. I've very much enjoyed scouring the pages of lovely interiors for inspiration, I even wonder if this dip into interior design might manifest in a future writing or art project. I couldn't show you the studio without showing you the rest of the house too.

(the heart of the house, the hearth.)

(a wider view.)

(and again.)

(through this process, i re-found this little clock.)

(and the kitchen, of course.)

(no garage, the bikes live in the kitchen.)

(the bigger picture.)

(the lady of the house.)

Most of the house was purged and re-arranged and prioritized but the bedroom is the only room to receive a fresh coat of paint. The paint colors change with the day, as we all know, but this room is really a shade of grayish lavender. I've never had a lavender room but we're liking it very much. The rest of the house still resounds in deep red, robin's egg blue, and a sandy golden yellow.

(our little retreat.)

(some things.)

(a favorite reading nook.)

(my great-grandmother made this quilt.)

(a few favorite things.)

(a few favorite artworks, some by you.)

(lavender, white, yellow, and soft browns too.)

I often can't tell where one creative passion ends and another begins. Writing poetry gets enmeshed with weeding our urban garden, printmaking gets rolled-up in digital photography, and re-envisioning our home and studio spaces gets tucked into my weekly blog. I think Jen's mister said it best, "You seem to be part of this movement of art (+) life, blurring the lines where one ends and the other begins". Well put.

I think this is certainly true, and also helps to explain why I feel compelled to show you our living room color themes alongside my posts of printmaking and photography. My artmaking is certainly inspired by a childhood full of crafting and writing, as my homemaking is reciprocal in its inspiration for artmaking, and all these parts are bound by the same interests, values, desires, concerns, and unending questions. So it goes... we can't tell where one part of the unruly heart ends and where another begins.

So... come over for a virtual cup of tea, take a peek around my home, flop yourself down on the squishy couch, and I'll heat up enough peach cobbler for two. See you soon. xoxo, k.


  1. Everything is perfect! I want to live with you. Congratulations on your hard work.

  2. your home and studio are just beautiful. How lucky you are!
    We are in a home of 7 people right now. So it's quite crowded. But we also are planning a major re-do in the coming months.
    Thanks for visiting my little blog space. It's nice to "meet" you too.

  3. I LOVE your space. so creative and unique. i really like so many of your little collections - a girl after my own heart.

  4. btw, so glad you added me as a contact on flickr. now i found a great new blog to visit. : )

  5. oh wow!!! wonderful work

  6. hi katrina,
    so glad you stopped by my blog and introduced yourself..your apartment and studio and blog and world, for that matter, are beautiful!
    i could spend hours in that kitchen baking or just hanging and drinking tea.
    (the hanging red shelves are a stroke of genius, btw)
    so glad to meet you.
    see you soon!

  7. I love your space! Love the kitchen the light, your reading nook, and the color of all of your walls. What a treat - thank you for the tour!

  8. Very darling, I love that green chair in your nook, makes me nostalgic somehow. I believe it is true that homemaking and artmaking often go hand in hand. Thanks so much for sharing your space.

  9. i love it all - thanks so much for sharing!

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  11. *LOVE* your place. the colors, the light... everything looks *GREAT* :)

  12. OH, geeez! I just re-read what I'd posted and realized there was a typo that totally changed what I meant to say! Okay, here is goes (take 2):
    Well, too late for me to drink a cup of tea on my side of the country...but I'll say this: it all looks lovely, Katrina. Thanks for sharing...and have I mentioned I am NOW (not NOT!!!) reading Maxwell's book? Thanks to you? :) So thanks for that too!

  13. I have just fallen in love with your place - not to mention your cat.

  14. Especially love your thinking space, your collections, and that charming lady of the house... such an inviting and beautiful space.

  15. sb: fun, thank you! if we had another room i would consider your moving in, alas we are currently full! glad you enjoy. xo, k.

    stephanie: i can remember a crowded house: i grew up in a house of 6 people, 3 dogs, countless birds, guinnea pigs, fish, and always extra friends. also, just FYI, these books don't require big overhauls and lots of space, just mostly editing. thanks for visiting my little world.

    spread your wings: the collections are both my blessing and my curse. but how can i refuse them?!? so sweet.

    spread your wings: the pleasure is mine!

    diana: thank you! it was hard work, but so worth it. and so much donated to goodwill, my goodness.

    jennifer: i'm so glad to have found you too! my mister is the household cook so the kitchen is mostly to his credit. though i do like to bake and drink endless cups of tea. glad you enjoy our space.

    jamie: thank you, thank you! the colorful walls are like a dream come true, after so much moving and renting. xo, k.

    lola: i do think there's a link between homakemaking and artmaking, at least for me. thank you for visiting.

    stash: so glad! i hope one day you'll come to visit.

    valentina: aw, how kind. thank you!

    maria: no worries, i thought that was what you meant! glad you are enjoying the book. and thanks for the kind words too.

    mary-laure: hooray! i'm sure the little lady would fall in love right back, she's quite a sweetie.

    gracia: aw, thank you. those little bits are some of my favorite parts too.

    dear friends: thank you (she says quietly). xoxo, k.

  16. Just the other day, I was thinking about how I had all these little drawings, and no way to present them. I don't want to frame them, but they look so empty hanging on the wall without a frame. I love the way you used clothespins. I think I will investigate that avenue.

  17. you found a bed cover and a place for the quilt! first time at your blog place since leaving... so much to catch up on. miss you. love you.

  18. Anonymous8/20/2009

    i love how you said everything, and I love the photos. so elegant and beautiful, down to earth and full of character. miss you!

  19. sooo much goodness!!!! and i love your kittycat :)

  20. Anonymous8/24/2009

    Oh I like the "art (+) life, blurring the lines where one ends and the other begins"
    Here I just thought I was skitzofrenic, lol!

    Your home is beautiful. Full of color and life and art and love...just like you!

  21. this post alone almost has me sold on a house in oakland. but only if we can live on the same block. that way, i can pop down for peach cobbler & tea any ole time i want!

    we have a lot to catch up on lady :)


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