That Little Cabin by the Coast, Part 2

(Let's start here,
in the kitchen with these wildflowers.)

(And then we'll head out to the garden,
the apple trees in the morning light.)

(We'll visit the golden ladies,
also lovely in the sunlight in the morning.)

(Then we'll stop to pick a handful of blackberries,
to perfectly stain our fingers purple.)

(We'll continue through the garden,
a frenzy of flowers and daydreams and green.)

(We'll even watch the honeybee hive,
here's one little bee collecting pollen.)

(Then we'll head back to the cabin,
hang our hats and rest by the open window.)

(We'll watch the crack under the front door,
as the leaves blows in and under.)

(We'll take a walk to the river,
noticing the sunlight on last autumn's fallen treasures.)

(Then chase this little guy around the rocks,
until we finally get to hold him.)

(We'll cast our layers onto the river rock
and head into the chilly water.)

(And then we'll take a drive into town,
where these shirts hang dreamy from a clothesline.)

(We'll think things like:
White cotton bellows in the afternoon wind, quiet.)

(And we'll finish with a glass of iced tea, perfect on that blue table.)

Dear friends, vacation already feels like it existed on the next universe over. I hope you were transported with me for just a few minutes of daydreaming and woodland adventures. Life post-vacation is bustling and busy and filled up with it's own urban adventures. I did make apple spice muffins this morning, my own little protest to grinding my teeth as I plug away at making my own website. Maybe I'll always wait until the following week to edit vacation photos, it forced me to admit I was actually on vacation only 8 days ago.

Welcome back to you and me, dear friends, I hope your week has a pocketful of mini-vacation magic. Maybe if I close my eyes and click my heels together, I'll be transported back to that river with a handful of blackberries staining my palm and a tiny little toad hoping over the river rocks in perfect distraction. A girl can dream. xoxo, k.


  1. Thank you for giving us "a piece of summer". Good to forget work for a while and dream of a simple life under the warm summersun...
    Have a nice week!

    PS: I follow your blog from the other side of the ocean.

    BR. MiaNostalgia (villalykke.blogspot.com)

  2. Thanks for that... I traveled there with you this morning, and it was just what I needed.

  3. I love the way you did that post with the images. You really conveyed the feeling that one would have there. I want to go there and do those things, see the apple trees and drink iced tea in the arvos... very nice!

  4. Dream away, yes that's a lovely plan. What a perfect vacation you had I love all your photos. I have a soft spot for chickens, I'd love to live somewhere with enough garden to raise a few.

  5. Wildflowers. Chook. Cabin.
    Bliss. Such bliss.

  6. ah vacation!
    that zinnea!
    that frog!

  7. Shauna9/05/2009

    the quality of light in most of these photos is so california autumn that my heart leaped a little at all the nostalgia it stirred. in a flash I was on vacation in the north, I was in college, I was in love with an old boyfriend, I was playing the guitar at Slide Ranch by a stack of hay, I was nineteen and wandering Irving near 9th and GG Park. Oh California! And this reminds me-- Hardly Strictly Bluegrass must be just around the corner!

  8. mianostalgia: thanks for visiting from the other side of the ocean! so nice to "meet" you.

    maria: you are welcome, anytime!

    katrina: nice to "meet" you. thanks for visiting my blog and i hope you can visit the cabins in CA too.

    louise: i think dreaming is one of my favorite things, mostly daydreaming. and i too would like enough land for a few chickens to call my own. maybe one day.

    gracia: how kind, thank you. it was a few days of bliss, i do believe it's true.

    lisa: yes, vacation. (sigh) isn't that toad so amazing? i felt like i was 8 years old trying to catch him, but my mister scooped him up promptly. so sweet.

    shauna: aw. california will always be your california. forever and ever. amen.

    jamie: oh, so glad you did! thanks for visiting here.

    dear friends: you make me happy. thank you.

  9. Anonymous9/08/2009

    Sigh...yes, you took me there.

    Sun warmed berries and cool little frogs, love.


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