That Little Cabin by the Coast







Friends, we did in fact find a little cabin by the coast with a nearby stream that was big enough for swimming. We found two cabins, actually, and made quite an amazing long weekend of them. As you know, the mister and I have this habit of staging a photo shoot when we are on vacation. Usually, we opt for a long dusty road where we can set a makeshift tripod on the hood of the truck and take a few dozen photos of the two of us dancing in the windy desolate streets.

This time, we set up on a tiny little sofa in one corner of the cabin and we took a bunch of photos, in our usual vacation photo shoot tradition. Here are a few of my favorites. (The mister works in dance and performance, mind you, so he inspired the more theatrical moments. You'll see he's a finer actor than me any day, as I tend to show a little transparent smirk. So fun.)

I am still editing through the photos of the huge organic garden just up the hill from our cabin, the little magical bits of river rock and fallen leaves, and the other moments that set the world just right for a few days away. I'm especially still editing through the images in my mind of eleven shooting stars across one rural late-night sky, amazingly followed by a blazing meteor with a bright fiery trail. My goodness! I'm all melty today, upon our return, like my muscles have been stretched and softened and realigned. Aw, shucks, maybe that's just my ooey, gooey heart.

More soon, I promise. Back to the office tomorrow and there's laundry to be done. xoxo, k.


  1. I could use a little vacation myself!! Looks great...

  2. love these photos. so brilliant and full of joy.

  3. kevin: thank you. i think we all need a bit of vacation from time to time, to readjust!

    liz: thanks for visiting. so glad you like the photos. i just took a peek at your world, so so dear. xoxo, k.

  4. LOVE these photos!!!:) Thanks for sharing.


  5. Such a sweet post. I'm glad you got a chance to get away and become "all melty." I don't think we give ourselves permission to do that often enough. Welcome back home!

  6. oh my goodness - i adore this post! i absolutely ADORE it!

  7. vibeke: thank you!

    maria: sigh. it was melty indeed. i think we should all give our selves the chance to decompress from time to time. it's realigning. and melty!

    aimee: aw...thank you, dear aimee! how sweet.

  8. oh i definitely need to know about the sweet little cabin on the coast...& two you say? seems like a good vacation to get away with friends to me :)

    see you soon!

  9. love you guys (and great addition to family photo shoots!)

  10. The mere title of your post sounds like a fairy tale...

  11. uhhhh..this is freaking fantastic!! good work on the cabins too!

  12. jen: it would be a great friend's getaway, for certain. see you soon!

    shauna: aw, it should be an addition to the family photo album. for certain!

    mary-laure: aw, your comment might have just made my entire day. thank you.

    deb: YOU are freaking fantastic! welcome back to you too. seems summer is rounding the corner into fall, glad we were able to take vacations.

    friends: you know it's true: i-heart-you. yep, i do.



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