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Friends, I just found these photos stashed in my summer folder on my computer. It makes me realize how much the outdoor lighting has already shifted from late summer to early autumn. I gasped when I saw the bursts of yellow against the periwinkle blue and rustic barn. Such a surprise of color, somehow.

I can't seem to keep my mind focused these days, perhaps it's a back-to-school rebellion somewhere deep inside my cells. Lately, every time I try to finish-up a project it still ends up, "Almost there". Even though I'm not heading off to classes this fall, I have to wonder if somewhere in my cell-memory a part of me is daydreaming up at the clouds as someone beckons I come back into the classroom. I think somewhere in that story, there's a pad of paper and a pencil and a dozen sketches of large-winged butterflies too.

Oh, and a huge Swallowtail butterfly has been coming to the bougainvillea in front of our living room window these past few days; flapping its gorgeous yellow wings as it leans in close to the bell-shaped blossom. I think pale yellow and periwinkle and magenta are most certainly "earth tones"! Wouldn't you agree?

If you would also like to be distracted, take a peek at these artists whose work I stumbled over this weekend at the world's most amazing magazine store: Chris Silas Neal and Gordon McBryde. (I'm smitten with Neal's work while I love the blue sky photos by McBryde, perhaps they helped inspire today's blue-sky post. And... if you haven't seen these Polaroid note cards yet then you might want to take a peek, they are currently making me swoon.)

Yours in daydreaming distractions--
xoxo, k.


  1. marie-louise: ah! "windy feelings" is exactly what i've been experiencing. that's the perfect phrase...

  2. I think maybe pale yellow and periwinkle and magenta are Earth Tones, no? ;) Fall has not made its arrival here yet. And I wait, and wait. So, I feel lethargic rather than rebellious or distracted...
    And I wait.

  3. a-MA-zing! those yellow flowers against the blue skies - just dynamite!

  4. I'm feeling quite unfocused myself too. Blame it on the autumn, ha, ha.
    Love those sunflowers. I'm missing summer just by looking at these pictures. Masochist.

  5. maria: fall seems to keep flirting with us here in oakland too, but then hiding away. not quite full autumn yet. but soon, so soon...

    aimee: oh fun. glad you enjoyed the photos. the blue and yellow and barn wood...yes please.

    esti: yes, i blame it on the autumn! and maybe just a handful of other things too...

  6. lady, you have been on my mind -- from the center for the book's steamroller event that just happened (i was hoping to just run into you!) to the east bay trip we need to take, to our little possible art project! we need to get up! i'll email :) xxx.

  7. jen: yes, yes, yes. i'm emailing you right...now! collaborations & art dates await us...


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