August, From My End.

1. what i see, Point Reyes National Seashore.
2. to hold.
3. we pretend this is a VW bus, please do.

and a view from our Oakland:

1. our favorite spot for brunch.
2. bottomless.
3. lovenotes, left by others on the benches.

and a view from inside/home:

1. late august harvest: purple, grape, plum.
2. dear friends were married, these flowers say so.
3. apple spice muffins, in the mix.
4. my fine little baker's dozen.
5. the littlest roses, from the farmer's market.
a perfect pale of pink.

and from up in the hills, just outside of Oakland:

1. twirl, twist, cartwheel when i can.
2. a few favorite things: Uppercase & my polaroid.
3. brown curls falling from barrettes, ever since i was little.
4. halves, my peach.
5. shades of silver, weed, & sunlight.

Dear friends, I hope your weekend was lovely (A long weekend for those of you who are reading this from the States, Happy Labor Day). I, sadly, have been quite sick with a strange summertime cold that tore through my little arts office. So, while my weekend was full of tissues, movies, a couple of books, and plenty of ginger tea, I did manage to take a handful of photos. And there were a few other local adventures in the past few weeks that I want to share with you now. This is (roughly) what my August looked like.

I try to get out of the city as much as possible to reconnect with the land and expansive skies, but this also includes day trips to places like Tilden Regional Park in Berkeley and just up the coast to Point Reyes or down the coast to Half Moon Bay. That's one of the many magical things about the San Francisco Bay Area, in just over one half hour you can be completely surrounded by wilderness and big wide sky. It's really amazing, to have access to both urban and wilderness habitats in such close proximity.

August has been full of travel throughout Northern California, including picnics, daytrips, and vacation too. But it's also been full of photographs, wildflowers, farmer's markets, homemade meals, and the last harvests from the garden. As you know, I'm slowly but surely building my own website this month (I inch closer to a finished site each week, squeak squeak) but it's also full of a few other things that will build momentum throughout September and October too. My hands have been busy with digital things like cameras, Photoshop, and websites, but in the not-too-distant future I believe I'll be busy with ink, and thread, and paper too. (Sigh of delight.)

Happy September, my friends, it's suddenly the ninth month of this year. My goodness, say it isn't so.


  1. Oh I love August from your point of view. These photos are pure yum!

    Hope you shake that summer cold soon.

  2. It's funny how looking at some other blogfriends' August makes me so happy. Summer is such a luxury. And your pictures say so.

  3. you tell a story in pictures almost better than anyone i visit out in blogs...

    love the VW bug pretending... and your curls... we are always that little girl somewhere under all the years.


  4. I love to see the world through your photos, Katrina. It's a beautiful and thoughtful place, and I love to stop by and experience your little corner of life, even if it's just for a little while... Thank you.

  5. andie: aw, thank you dear friend. i love peeking at your world too. xoxo, k.

    esti: i agree. i think the longer i'm engaged in the blog world the deeper the connection, joy, and sorrow for my dear blog friends like you. summer does hold luxury and needed leisure.

    mansuetude: how kind! thank you for your dear words. and yes, we totally pretend we have a VW bus instead of an old little pickup.

    maria: thank you for visiting. and for such encouragement too. what a lovely thing you've said. thank you.


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