My New Website & an Etsy Shop Giveaway!





My friends, I have a new website! It feels like a birthday present to myself. I couldn't be happier. Go ahead and please take a peek at my new site www.katrinarodabaugh.com I built this little baby all by myself and as many of you know, I am not a savvy graphic designer or a professional IT person, but instead I am just an artist and writer who very much wanted her own website. And now it's finally been birthed out into the world. Phew. Break out the cigars and champagne and pretty pink balloons!

A simple site for some artists, still some glitches to work out, but this is a huge step for me in creating one online place to house my other online spaces. A little home to showcase my work as an interdisciplinary artist, a writer, a crafter, an artist, a blogger, and an Etsy seller. It's still a work-in-progress, but I am so happy with the progress. Good grief.

As a little present to all of us, I'd like to offer a giveaway to celebrate my website. (Or, more specifically, to celebrate the launch of my new website which means I can go back to other things like writing poems, making prints, and taking photographs. Joy!) To be eligible for the giveaway, all you have to do is take a peek at my new website "Katrina Rodabaugh: Art + Life" and then come back here and give me a little feedback.

Let's go with threes, to make things easier. Just summarize my website in three words, feelings, technical notes, glitches, good thoughts or anything else that you'd like to leave for feedback. Just pop over to my website, make a few mental notes, and then come back here and leave a comment on this post with your three things. I'll choose one person from all the comments for a free item from either of my Etsy shops. The winner will choose the item and I'll package it up pretty and send it off to you, free of charge.

Hooray! I'm up and running. I hope you'll help me celebrate... xoxo, k.


  1. First, Congratulation with your new website!!!
    3 comments about it:
    1)I like the layout (it`s lucid)
    2)I personally would have changed the right picture on your first page(I think the left picture tell something about the topic of your website, but I am not sure about the right).
    3)I like the feeling on your website.
    Good luck. I wish you all the best.
    Big greetings from the other side of the world - Norway :-)

  2. clean

  3. Good for you! It's really lovely! Sometimes it is better to be authentic than over-engineered.

  4. lovely, fetching, clean. see ya later lady. xxx.

  5. Shauna9/29/2009

    congratulations!!! it looks great.

    and now.... I play...

    1. metropolitan nature
    2. intimate
    3. spacious and tidy (in a warm way)

  6. hopeful

    I love three. x o o

  7. 1. I really enjoyed looking at your photos.
    2. Your site is clean and easy to navigate.
    3. I love the name Stella Isabella.
    Good work!


  8. it is outstanding katrina! crisp, clean, inviting, and so you! (more than three. hee.)

  9. 1. great job!
    2. nice and clean - white backgrounds are the way to go.
    3. i love the split photo template - but i'd like the text underneath to align with the photos, you know?

  10. So many spanish words come to mind and so few in my broken English:
    Luminosa (full of light)
    Buen rollo (good vibe)
    But there's something I like better: it's full of great pictures. I already have a new favourite!
    Well done, Katrina!

  11. Congratulations, Katrina..! Happy birth day, website!



  12. Clean

    Consider reducing # of clicks (e.g., when clicking on "blog," why not go directly to... blog?

    Consider a blurb on the frontpage - a lil bit 'bout you mebbe? Or mebbe the pics click to somewhere (I am all about efficiency...) Or even a description/motivation/explanation of the images?

  13. Yay, and well done! I love the clean lines and compelling visuals.

  14. WOW!!!! beautiful pictures, so autumn like :)
    hmmm, did i read giveaway?? i'm in!
    coincidently, i just posted a tiny giveaway on my blog too... have a lovely weekend Katrina!

  15. ohh and the website looks a treat, candy to my eyes :)

  16. Great site, great work... congratulations to you, you clever, clever thing!

  17. Yes, Yes, Yes

  18. dear friends,

    thank you for all your *amazing* feedback. i will incorporate many of your suggestions to my website in the months to come. and congratulations to Mia Nostalgia, you won the giveaway! your name was fairly drawn by my husband from all the names in my favorite white hat. congrats...

    thank you all for playing along.



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