Good Grief, My Dear October

*peek: a new print in process*

*and detail: thread, pencil, lino block continue*

(and the quieter parts of october...)

*back to the knits and yarn and needles clinking*

*tea to warm the fingers, too many cups to count them*

*new thrifted finds: color me fall with orange and wool*

*baked goods return to the cooled kitchen,
little miss stella thinks she's clever*

*canned goods stack the pantry:
homemade pickles, please*

*the princess of the house, cozy us in*

*press, french press, for the later afternoon hours*

*last of the roses from the local market
(enter an audible sigh)*

*considering my collections, and sunlight speckles and feathers*

*too pretty before split for baking*

Dear friends, Today I'm away from my sweet little studio and instead tucked into a crowded corner of a favorite cafe in San Francisco. As many of you know, I've set out to submit applications this month--a hefty combination of grant proposals and calls for submission. There's always a good dose of vulnerability in these things, so please keep your fingers crossed for me. (It helps to cheer me on just knowing that you are sending good wishes.) Like many of you, I wear several hats in the course of one week and so this week requires more time with my "proposal writer" hat. Well hello there, little cap, on you go then.

I'm not sure if it's my vantage point or if it's really the world around me picking up speed at a quickened pace in the arts world in the Bay Area. In other words, October is packed full of art happenings: Exhibitions, poetry readings, performances, grant deadlines, and open studios everywhere I turn. It's times like these that my daydreams for a quiet rural life full of open fields and forests and maybe even a few dozen sheep, slowly subside as I find my heartbeat quickened and my calendar pages filling with art activity. Good grief, dear October!

One last thing: It's the weather. I can't help myself from talking about it because it's absolutely dreamy and filling me completely with inspiration and good quivers of a quickened heart. Finally, it's time for tights and sweaters and scarves in the Bay Area. Our dear little garden has pushed out the final tomatoes and cucumbers and the vibrant greens of summer have turned to golden grasses and crinkled-up dehydrated leaves.

The New Yorker in me still turns cartwheels at the onset of fall. Autumn just makes me giddy with romance and inspiration and daydreams of twisting leaves, hefty fireplaces, and gallons of tea to keep warm. This weather makes me perfectly happy and also fills me with forlorn for the chilly New York weather. Wherever you are in the world, I hope your October is full of inspiration and a healthy dose of daydream or wanderlust. Now then, on with my cap and back to those proposals. xoxo, k.


  1. good luck with your many hats!

  2. I am glad I found your blog, the photos here are wonderful, give me the good feeling.

  3. Lovely post. October is indeed BUSY here too. Great to see a glimpse of what you're up to. Good luck on the grants etc!

  4. Your photos are beautiful and your words, as always, tinted with just the right little bit of magic... I know you will sprinkle your proposals with just enough magic dust to get you wherever you need to. Good luck, Katrina, and happy, happy October..!


  5. Really cozy...
    Very nice blog!

  6. i feel like i nodded yes, yes, yes, all the way through this!

    wonderful post! Good luck with your submissions. The tug from city explore and tranquil life, i say me too!

    The New Englander in me gets giddy in the Autumn too... it never fades! They got a bit of snow up yesterday... ooh.

  7. Katrina,

    This is a lovely post. I admire your calm in the midst of all the buzz. I awoke feeling antsy before the day even began, but I will try and shift my mood and follow your lead as I ease back into my life today, post-Chicago and post-Seattle. It's time for a little Denise-at-home-in SF time...

    Take care,

  8. i love that thrifted sweater... and there's been a lot of tea drinking going on here too....

    i'm positive all the grant writing will be worth it!

  9. esti: thank you!

    katrine: i'm glad you found me too. so very nice to meet you and your blog...

    kevin: thank you for the grants luck. and soon october will settle into november, i hope.

    maria: oh, you are too kind. thank you.

    marie-louise: aren't they pretty? glad you like them too.

    elisabelle: thank you. trying to cozy up for the fall. nice to meet you and thanks for visiting...

    mansuetude: so glad you nodded along with me. and yes, autumn tugs on the new york heart strings, good grief.

    denise: oh, how sweet. i am sometimes calm and other times overwhelmed, just like anyone else, i think. so nice to meet you. welcome home to SF...

    lisa: oh, i hope you are right about the grants. cheers to thrifted orange sweaters and gallons of tea.


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