Polaroids, Housekeeping, and Reader's Thoughts Too




My gosh, I love Polaroids. I think if I had one million dollars (Okay, after I was done giving a bunch of it to nonprofit organizations and buying my mister and I a house with 3 bedrooms and an outdoor studio) then I would invest in a bunch of studio equipment and on that list would be a few Polaroid cameras and lots of film.

Rumor has it that Polaroid film is not going to vanish from the planet all together, did you hear about the Impossible Project? Maybe our dear little "Save Polaroid" stickers all over the internet actually got some attention. Wonderful. I'm hoping the rumor is completely and totally true. Amen.

This little trio of photos is the end of my 2nd to last roll of Polaroid film. I have one more pack that I'm saving for Polaroid week over on Flickr--November 2-6--though now maybe we'll be able to buy it again in 2010. I like the range of colors in this trio and how the mood shifts from overcast to cozy to after-the-rain.


And a bit of housekeeping: I've added a few new elements to my sidebar. I've joined the masses with the clever "Follow Me" tab as I love the idea of having faces attached to this little community of readers. One thing that keeps me coming back to my blog is the accountability to weekly studio updates and also the opportunity to engage with an international community. I love that second part the very most: You! And so I've added the tag, join if you like, I'd love to know you.

Lastly, I am hosting a little reader's poll about artistic identity. I know that categories are narrowing and inherently problematic and that identity is something that shifts and moves and changes. Yet given all this, I'd still love to know how you primarily identify as a creative person. It would help me with some bigger questions in my work as an arts program director and my work as a writer/ artist/ maker too. Feel free to leave any other thoughts in my comments section, I'm all ears. Take a peek and cast your vote. (Oh, please and thank you.)


  1. I agree, the ability to engage internationally is so much more possible now w/ blogging, and w/ so many more people. I'm definitely finding many cons in this bold new world, but internationally engaging is a pro.

  2. I love the nostaligic feel of polaroids - and the ability they had, in the pre-digital age, of giving you (somewhat magical) instant gratification...

    I just voted, but... I wanted to check more than just one...! I really did - because I identify with more than just one of those categories... :)


    PS: I like your reasons for putting the followers gadget on the blog... I've struggled with that one...but it's nice to read a positive take on why to go ahead and join the masses in that respect. I think I'll continue to struggle with it a bit longer - but I'm inspired by your embrace...

  3. hi there! i felt a little bit shy with the poll definitions. the sounded like such big words to me...
    anyway, your polaroids are great and i'm really glad you keep sharing your photographic skills with us, the international readers. thanks katrina.

  4. my dear friends,

    i know the poll on my sidebar is narrowing and inherently problematic. categories are hard and i too often resist them. but knowing how you primarily identify as a creative person would be so so insightful to my work as an arts program director, writer, aritst, maker of things. if you have any other thoughts you want to leave in this comments section, i'm all ears.

    thank you!

    xo, k.

  5. Like Maria, I wanted to check more than just one. In everyday life I do not describe myself with one "title". I did however select one "title" for the sake of your poll. I just tried to select what felt most appropriate within your parameters.

  6. There, I`ve participated in your poll! I also love the nostalgy of Polaroids, yours are beautiful. So fun to have met you, my "namesake"..! Wish you a great weekend!

  7. How fun... I've voted. Beautiful polaroids, too. Really beautiful. The milky palette is a hard one to resist.

  8. i just discovered your blog and etsy shops! great stuff. i'm pretty new to the world of blogging (see here: www.emilyseyelive.com ) its always an inspiration to find like-minded creative women out there. keep it up!

  9. denise: yes, yes. the international community is so incredibly important.

    maria: i too have struggled with the "follow me" tag. i think i'm still struggling with it, but i like the idea of my readers having a name and face. i like the idea of art/ blog community.

    esti: i'm shy about title too. so shy. but i'm so curious to see how people vote, because i'm shy and struggle with it.

    denise: thank you for playing along.

    katrine: thank you. and yes, i'm so glad to have met you too... my namesake!

    gracia: thank you for your votes. i think hazy palettes are truly dreamy. dreamlike, maybe. or dreamy.

    emily: thank you for visiting. it's nice to "meet" you.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.