San Francisco Open Studios: Our Two-Lady Show

(Our two-lady show for the weekend, in Jen's wonderful home.)

(The first wall: My letterpress prints, Jen's collages.)

(One reclaimed wall served as background: My bust, my book, Jen's photos.)

(Mostly Jen's collages & skateboard; My brown book & turquoise 5-part collage.)

(The wall of small squares: My photos, Jen's collage work.)

(The view as you entered their loft: Our work, their living, such love.)

(Jen's lovely spread for our guests, a wine and cheese of sorts.)

(So pretty, I just had to.)

Hi friends. This weekend I shared the lovely studio space of Jenifer Lake (Sprout Studio) and her dear mister. The Lakes were participating in SF Open Studios and Jenifer asked me to join her for a little impromptu two-person show. It was so wonderful! Her husband spent the week constructing gallery walls to transform their wonderful live/ work studio into a professional home-gallery. I love the DIY movement and think home poetry readings, home performances, home installations, and home galleries are incredibly innovative solutions to getting more artwork seen. (Click on those links for some amazing homestyle curatorial inspiration.)

We're going to push this collaboration a bit further and install a fully realized gallery show in their space in January 2010. Stay tuned! We've agreed to show photos (I think I'll be arranging another photo shoot, perhaps with ladies in vintage dresses; a further exploration of costume designer meets photographer meets installation) and we're also going to work collaboratively on a few mixed media prints on paper. I was just in the studio this morning finding letterpress offcuts to serve as my mixed-media starting points. Sigh. Sometimes making art just plain makes me happy: Simple and sweet.

In other news, thank you to those of you who have voted in my sidebar poll! It's open for one more week and I'd love to capture your vote if you haven't voted already. And for those of you who shy away from calling yourself an artist at all, I'd love to hear from you too! I often struggle with knowing where I fit as a multidisciplinary artist and this little poll is my experiment in knowing which box you choose. xoxo, k.


  1. a very inspirational place :)

  2. that place looks amazing! everything is so beautifully displayed. and that skateboard! I like :)

  3. its so elegantly done...
    and the idea, of doing this all at home really extends the idea of taking things out of the galleries to the people ...

    thanks for this seed idea.

  4. what a delightful collaboration!
    and such a cool place :)

  5. What a good idea! Best wishes for your next collaboration in January. Lovely blog, Katrina. Bye for now. Lesley

  6. everything looks gorgeous! So full of inspiration! LOVE that setting it's perfect for both of your work!

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  8. I looks beautiful, Katrina...! I love the way art is just part of your life and those around you... so extending that idea into home galleries really makes sense. Beautiful, beautiful...and as always, incredibly inspiring.

    Have a great rest of the week,

  9. Hi there. Saw this and I thought of you:


    Have a great weekend,

  10. it looks like a great gallery of beau-ti-ful artwork. Congratulations!!!

  11. allison: thank you!

    esti: jen's house is incredible. such a lovely space to share our work. i know, that skateboard! if only i could skate.

    mansuetude: yes, taking things out of the galleries and into our homes. i love how it offers a small community of friends and friends of friends to join together and show their work. it's democratizing, i think.

    thereza: such a beautiful home. and her husband did such an amazing job with those gallery walls.

    lesley: aw, thank you. and thanks for visiting.

    robyn: thank you, thank you. (ps, i think you just meant to leave that comment once, so i deleted the duplicate. just fyi. thank you for commenting!)

    maria: you are so kind. i love your point of view. yes, the art extends to my community and their art and creativity also extends to me. thank you...

    shauna: thank you, love! come back to CA!

    jen: yes... yay, us.

    dear friends: today your comments just completely made my day. yes they did...



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