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Hello my fine friends! For the first time in several months, I have just updated every image on my Made by Katrina Etsy shop. Hooray! Yes, I spent the better part of this afternoon taking new product photos and listing them in my little shop. The Photos by Katrina shop is also ready to go, though that didn't take nearly as much time as the shop of letterpress prints, notebooks, and handmade knits and stitches. Phew.

I might make a few extra pairs of fingerless gloves or linoleum prints this winter, but I haven't committed to that just yet. The holiday season usually gets me inspired to make a handful of sewn objects or prints or postcards-- it just seems right to be extra crafty around this time of winter gift giving. Regardless, if you want to purchase some affordable art, take a peek at my offerings over on Etsy.

Lately, I have been finding myself pulled to my larger projects and haven't spent as much time updating my dear little shops. I dream of one day having my entire week spent in my studio, seamlessly going back and forth between a letterpress printer, a sewing machine, a computer, a few cameras, and a huge table for one-of-a-kind mixed media prints. In this dream state, I would make larger long-term projects and also smaller affordable art products too. (Toss in another poetry manuscript, another cat, a shaggy dog, a farm house, a barn full of community art studios, really good natural light, and 10 acres for organic gardens too, please. Oh, all outside of some lovely urban center.)

In the interim, I work four days a week in a wonderful nonprofit arts organization in San Francisco and I spend my fifth weekday in my beloved creative space. Like you, I also manage to tuck in a few hours on the weekends and evenings depending on the project and the week. That said, I have updated some affordable arts and crafts for your perusing. Take a gander, leave a love note, put something on layaway if you like! Wishing you a very, very happy week...


  1. Am off to look right now! Already love what I can see of birds and haw berries. Bfn. Lesley

  2. Lovely things!

  3. It all looks beautiful, Katrina..! I'm so glad you had time to update your shops... It seems sometimes like there isn't enough time to fit everything we want to do in our lives... I, too, work at a local nonprofit four days a week and have a day for pursuing other interests... It's a pretty good deal, but I certainly also have dreams of pursuing more creative interests full-time some day. Your dream place sounds perfect - I'd like to move in, virtually speaking, if that's all right with you. :)


  4. lesley: thank you. hope you enjoyed your etsy browsing.

    kevin: so glad you like them.

    maria: you are so amazingly encouraging. thank you for this. i love knowing that you work in a nonprofit too. yes, time is often short from week to week. but daydreams and inspirations are long, fortunately. please do virtually move in! xoxo, k.

  5. love this post!! love the images of your dreams and realities intertwining. love you!


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