To Be Thankful...


Dear friends,

By the time you read this, I will be some 3,000 miles away from my studio, happily strolling through Brooklyn and Manhattan for a lovely whirlwind visit. We'll be toasting friends with glasses of champagne at the news of a beloved couples' upcoming wedding; huddling around tiny tables with large mugs of coffee and perfect pastries; walking through our old favorite neighborhoods to cozy up to magical spots old and new. Our trip to Brooklyn will be brief but promises to brim up and over with all things sparkly New York.

Then we'll hop on the train and head to New Jersey for a cooking marathon with my husband's family. The last count told 35 adults and 9 children will gather at my in-laws for a Thanksgiving feast. We haven't been back to the east coast for Thanksgiving in over four years but this has allowed me to gain greater confidence in my pie making skills. So, I'll be making two apple-cranberry pies and love my pie crust recipe so much that I'm packing it in my suitcase, just to be certain.

I can't wait for long chilly walks on the Jersey boardwalk with my camera in tow; bustling through the streets and subways of New York with that only-New-York-can-create anxious inside sparkly amazement; and sharing the kitchen and dinner tables with 40+ of my husband's cousins and aunts and uncles. I've been dreaming of potatoes and stuffing and mushroom gravy and sweet potato casserole and cranberry sauce and homemade pies for weeks now! Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends stateside, and happy days of thanks to my sweet friends around the globe.

Be back soon...



  1. I wish you a lovely time!!!

  2. New York and the family meal sounds so lovely, wish you a nice trip!

  3. you have a wonderful thanksgiving dear lady. xxx.

  4. Hope you are tangled up in a wonderful time... you are sure to be.

  5. sounds just like home; all the people cooking.

    happy thanksgiving.
    I am grateful that you are making unique ways of telling story; its a gift.


  6. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, filled with all of the beautiful warmth and coziness you anticipated.


  7. oh, wish i could have seen you in new york! i hope that you had a wonderful visit and a fantastic thanksgiving. xo

  8. elisabelle: thank you, your wishes were true.

    katrine: new york was so lovely, such a lovely city for certain.

    jenifer: thank you, friend.

    gracia: "tangled up in a wonderful time", how perfect.

    mansuetude: thank you, thank you.

    maria: warmth & coziness & anticipation... those 3 words might just sum up the holidays for me. happy days to you too.

    amisha: oh, it would be lovely to meet you in person. let's do it the next time i'm there for a longer trip. 24 hours in that city didn't allow for much meandering, but another time. yes, yes.

    friends: and, i'm thankful for you. for this space to share my work, my unfinished thoughts, my whims, my dreaminess. and the space you make to receive it. it's more than i could have hoped.



Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.