Happy New Year & A Short Winter's Tale.

My friends, I hope your winter break is going swimmingly and that your holidays are full of love and laughter and just enough cookie dough and champagne. I have decided to spend my vacation (mostly) away from my computer and either out in the world having adventures or quietly making things in the studio. To that end, our first CA Christmas was adorned with a handmade pair of upcycled stockings. (Two thrifted wool skirts found their new calling hanging from our bookshelf.)

My mister chose the fabric for the inside: A bit of red ticking stripe I've been carting around since college.

A short winter's tale wouldn't be complete without a cozy-looking Ms. Stella Isabella.

My sweetie got a new hat this Christmas, knit by yours truly. The best part? That brown wool is from the Wensleydale sheep we tended on the world's most wonderful farm in Southern England. About three years ago we spent a few weeks in the UK complete with two weeks as WWOOF volunteers on an organic sheep farm. The very, very best part? These Wensleydales are naturally that dark shade of brown, no dye needed.

Along with the "making" comes the baking, in my book. A pear-apple pie for Christmas dinner and a chocolate pie for an upcoming New Year's party.

Yum, yum.

I've been snuggling up with these beloved craft books, full of great techniques and inspirations and lovely handmade things: Denyse Schmidt, Lena Corwin, Lotta Jansdotter, Natalie Chanin.

I have a patchwork scarf in-progress, courtesy of the incredibly inspiring Denyse Schmidt. One day I will get up the courage to make the commitment to craft one of her quilts. But for now, I'm happy to cut and stitch away at this much smaller commitment.


Oh, and before I go...I made this little New Year's card for you. I mailed out a handful of winter greetings but made this digital version just for you. I wish you a very happy 2010! This holiday happens to be one of my very favorites because...well...because...eh hem...because New Year's Day is my birthday! xoxo



  1. hello dear!! looks like you are having a peaceful, lovely, creative holiday. just perfect.

  2. happy new year!
    hope your birthday was grand!

  3. happy new year and happy belated birthday sweet katrina! your holiday sounds like it has been so very nice. hope that 2010 is full of magic and joy! xo

  4. aimee: my break was so lovely that i already miss it. happy new year.

    lisa: my birthday was quite wonderful, thank you for the kind words. i'm now one whole year older, so it seems.

    amisha: thank you! i hope that 2010 is full of magic and joy for you too. xoxo, k.


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