Happy Wintery Merry

(A few pretty packages tied up with string.)

(New small print, it reads: "Happy Holidats/ I mean/ Holidays")

(My loot from the recent SF Renegade: Krank Press, Linea Carta, and MaryInk. Two other favorites that are requiring me to save my pennies up: Hilary Williams and Hillery Rebeka Sproatt. Swoon, swoon.)

(Still flowers at the farmer's market: I heart CA.)

(I also heart satsuma.)

(One more hat to knit by Christmas, clink, clink.)

(Small wonder.)

(A new print for someone special. It reads, "My sweet, for you. Happily begin...")

(I can't get enough of that pretty blur.)

(Ms. Stella wishes you a Happy Holiday, she just told me so.)


My dear friends, Happy Winter Solstice!

Now the season has officially turned and we will start the tip back towards longer days here in the Northern Hemisphere. I often mark the season by the food, the blossoms, the sunlight, the holidays, the special birthdays, the natural and imposed rhythms, colors, smells, tastes, and sounds that mark the specific time of year. Here in CA, winter means citrus and lettuce and, of course, beloved roots. It means rain and rain boots and raincoats interspersed with breathtaking blue skies. This year it also means a first tree, a slew of pretty white lights and brown paper packages, and a stretch of time away from the office and into the studio.

A few more days and then my almost-two week break from the office will begin. I'll be filling it with carefully planned meals with dear CA friends, gift-giving with my sweet husband, a print project that needs some quiet time, a long list of crafty projects that have been waiting patiently in the wings, and slow mornings followed by wide-open afternoons and evenings. Sigh. I can't remember the last time Christmas felt so quiet. Every other Christmas has been full of rush, push, push but this time it's sounding more like swoosh, woosh, woosh. (With that sound I imagine a chimney with the wind tumbling towards the fire, my feet cozy in slippers, my lap covered in a crochet afghan, the windows pressing to keep the cold outside.)

Dear friends, Happy Holidays to you this season! Wishing you a Happy Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Winter Solstice, and general Happily Merry Merry.


  1. Happy Holidays. Wishing you all the best in art and life!

  2. lovely pictures!:)

    happy holidays to you and your loved ones and all the best for the year to come,


  3. Feliz navidad Katrina! I wish the new year will bring us as much joy, creativeness and friendship as this ending year. It's been great to be around here!

  4. hello katrina [i owe you an email!]
    lovely to see the holiday spirit here and i am intrigued by hillery r. sproatt now... :)

  5. kevin: happy holidays to you too!

    vibeke: thank you. and all the best wishes to you too.

    esti: my dear friend, send you all the same wishes for joy, creativity, and friendship in 2010. you make blog life that much sweeter. joy to you!

    lisa: yes, hillery r is quite fantastic. i wish i'd bought one of her prints at renegade, next time! sending you sparkly holiday spirits.



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