A Break from the Studio: Grays, Greens, and Raindrops








Dear friends,

At this point, I'm spending nearly every free moment in the studio in preparation of my upcoming two-lady show opening on January 30 (details below). I finished three large prints this weekend but I want to wait until next week to show you a few more peeks. By that point, I should be nearly done! But, I wanted to duck into this little world for a moment to report on the most beautiful grays and greens.

It's been raining for the past few days but I secretly adore it--especially since I need to be inside close to my linoleum blocks and sewing machine and scissors! I also adore it because it turned our little apartment into a quiet refuge of afghans, favorite sweaters, homemade chili, and the most amazing fresh-baked scones. I think the dreary weather inspired my mister to turn to the kitchen for an added bit of warmth.

I managed to prowl around our block for just a few minutes between rainfalls: I investigated life in our winter garden, marveled at my favorite leafless peach tree, and encountered our sweet neighbor's cat also taking a stroll between storms. The grays and greens were absolutely gorgeous, perfectly contrasting from sky to earth. After a brief stroll, the sprinkles started to fall, and I obediently headed back to the studio for another round of cutting, sewing, and printing.

I'm equal parts nerves and excitement about this upcoming show, if only the next 2 weeks had 35 hour days.



  1. Thank you for adding a little color (although rainy) to my gray winter day.

  2. nothing like a deadline :)

    LOVE your shoes....
    happy working

  3. Anonymous1/22/2010

    i love thinking of you doing all these things in a house I can now fully picture in my mind's eye. Ahh..even smell the scones.

    Time is fully malleable my dear, and don't you forget it! (Just ask any theatre people you happen to know :))

  4. andrea: yes, we have been saturated in gray. (sigh.) i'm hoping the blue skies aren't too far away. (thank you for visiting here.)

    lisa: so true! it's amazing how inspiring a deadline can be. a little ridiculous, perhaps, but amazing too! hope you are staying dry across town...

    ambra: hooray! it was so nice having you in our little space for tea. i like the idea of time being malleable, a truth of the theater for certain.

  5. What an exciting thing to look forward to! Lovely images, btw :)

  6. I kinda like the feeling of a deadline approaching. It makes me equally sour, nervous and excited. And I can't wait to see your show.

    I like those drops too :)

  7. 35 hour days could prove mighty handy when such exciting deadlines loom large on the horizon.

  8. jaeve: yes, equal parts excitement and nerves. thank you for visiting here...

    esti: yes, i think deadlines create such amazing sufficiency. i just always wish for about 2 more weeks, which is also the beauty.

    gracia: agreed. it would be nice if we could sometimes order-up a 15 hour day, then a 35 hour day, making it all balance out in the end...


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