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Hello, my friends. I have a bit of fun news to share... I'll be showing new work at an upcoming exhibition with the lovely Jenifer Lake of Sprout Studio. We'll be sharing her home-gallery space in the first exhibition of Project Sprout Gallery. Our show, "DomestiCity" will open on Saturday, January 30 from 6-9pm in San Francisco. (If you're in town, come join us!) For the next three weeks my studio time will be spent on new prints, photos, and works on paper.

I'm taking my inspiration from mid-century modern furniture, a few primary hues, and a recent photo shoot with friends. I'm intrigued by the word "domesticity" and how it changes when the emphasis is shifted to "city". How do we balance our modern, urban, and domestic lives? Where's the intersection of my own art and craft in domestic and urban spaces? How does "domesticity" conjure the 1950s American housewife and mid-century modern design? How have we reclaimed or rejected our domesticity? I'm interested in examining the juxtaposition between the mid-century housewife and the life of a few modern urban gals.

I'm making prints with linoleum blocks, thread, text, and watercolor on paper. I'm using deep reds, golden yellows, and royal blues balanced by soft grays, whites, and neutral beiges. I'm interested to see how I can stretch these themes, colors, and questions across different mediums-- how I might create complimentary and contrasting worlds. More peeks at this show soon. For now, the first few prints in-progress. xoxo, k.


  1. How exciting about the show, Katrina! (I see you are keeping true to your goals.)

    The print is lovely - I love the stitching and bold colors. I'm intrigued by the idea of domesticity and your emphasis on the word, city... I wonder if that was at the root of the urban revival we have seen in the last few years..? A movement mostly propelled by women, perhaps..? Women looking to be closer to work areas, where they could still function as primary caretakers for their families and pursue other creative/professional endeavors, more likely to be around in cities than in the isolation of the suburbs...? Hmmm... Really interesting stuff, here.

    I don't know that we've necessarily rejected domesticity; I'd argue that there has been a reclaiming of what domesticity is, but the terms are different, no? Ooof. This is a huge topic..! Too bad we live so far from each other - it all warrants many long conversations over tea and coffee, and maybe wine and chocolate later into the evening. :)

    Can't wait to see and read more, as you explore this subject, though. I wish I could come to the show, dear.


  2. Beautiful work... I wish I could be there!

  3. Lovely work- I find your theme 'domesti-city' really interesting- I am very excited to see what you will make for the show. I am having my own show too(in April) but I don't have a 'theme'- you are making me think that maybe I should have something- it will hepl me focus better- Thank you for visiting my blog- 'see you again' and
    Best with it all,
    Annamaria :)

  4. Congratulations on the show! It looks very nice, with the lino prints and the lovely chairs..

  5. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so I could find yours - instant favourite and fantastic prints!

  6. These are very cool. I recently read that women are, on average, less happy now than they were in the 40's and 50's. An interesting impasse to ponder...

  7. Hi!
    I think these are looking really great. They're clean, simple, to the point, and powerful.

  8. maria: i LOVE your thinking about this theme. i would so love to sit and chat at-length over tea and wine. someday!

    kevin: thank you, so excited and nervous too.

    caramela: thank you for visiting my blog too. it's nice to "meet" you here. happy artmaking...

    katrine: i'm a one-woman lino printing factory, this week. getting closer day by day.

    anke: thank you for visiting here too!

    cole&josephine: such an interesting statistic, i will ponder on this for certain. thank you.

    alex: thanks for the encouraging word. and thanks for visiting my blog...

    dear friends: your kind words mean so so much. thank you! mwah... xoxo, k


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