Holga Photos & My New Year's Resolution







Happy 2010! I hope the New Year is filling you with inspiration, rejuvenation, and a few select resolutions, if you so choose. My holiday break was lovely and full of hikes, museums, movies, small social gatherings, sewing, knitting, and dreaming. Today, I'm slipping back into my Monday studio groove by editing poems, finishing up a short story, and sifting through a few rolls of film I just developed. (The above images are medium format film shot on a Holga camera in Oct/Nov 2009.)

Did you make any New Year's resolutions? Regardless of my resolutions, this time of year always finds me reflective on the past year's ups and downs while trying to see my upcoming goals and intentions with greater clarity. This year, I have a resolution and it's quite finite: To get my creative work out into the world. I aim to send timid poems to publishers, approach design blogs without fear, contact curators, and add new work to my Etsy shop at a quickened pace. In general, I want to keep the art-cycle flowing from inspiration to creation to public viewing, without much hesitating.

I find comfort in my shyness, my squirreling away, my tendency to nest. I like the quiet hours at work with my poems, my prints, my photographs or stitches, but I find that I have to keep stretching my comfort zone to reach for my artistic goals. So this year, that stretching means sending my work out into the world even if it makes me queasy. It's amazing how emotional the creative process is for so many of us. How it adds another level of self-criticism and/or self-reflection that needs to be met with patience, compassion, and continued dedication. So, when I get nervous along the way, give me a loving nudge, will you? Happy 2010!


  1. here's a little nudge....your prints and photographs are wonderful! good luck to you and happy belated birthday.

  2. Happy New Year! And yes, send your lovely work out in to the world - it will be a better place because of it...

  3. love that 4th photo, and here's to getting us out in the big wide world :)

  4. love this resolution, in fact think it's genius. perhaps someday i will follow suit and adopt such action. xo to you.

  5. keep going katrina! nudge nudge! your work is beautiful and so are you. great new banner, too :)

  6. Here is to quiet days and quiet nights, to gentle nudges along the way and to new things in all shapes. Here's to a brilliant and bright 2010! Thus far it looks a dream, no?

  7. absolutely here for loving nudges my sweet! what a wonderful set of goals to keep in mind as you progress through what is sure to be a year of growing! hearts!

  8. Good luck with sending our work out to the world this new year! I feel very much like this too- I am so grateful for my computer because I can still 'nest' and send off my work to the world from my favourite kitchen table...
    Annamaria :)

  9. No little nudge, but I am sending you a huge great hug and the confidence to carry on... did you feel it?

    You are very talented and, as hard as it is, I think it's a great goal to simply more actively put yourself out there as an artist. I can't wait to see what's in store for you - and I have no doubts that it will be great.


  10. nudge nudge. people need to see your work!

    exciting that you and jen are having a show. a good start!!

  11. firstly: happy new year, Katrina!
    the holga photos look lovely................. all the work here looks beautiful.
    as for clear goals, resolutions, etc i think yours sound just fine, achievable and realistic. at the end of the day, there's nothing to be afraid of, it's all an adventure :) best of luck, dear!

  12. my dear friends: thank you so much for your confidence and kind nudges! xoxo, k.


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