(The front entrance: Jen's work on the left, mine on the right.)

(As you enter: My red chair prints, Jen's collage on wood; My large white prints, Jen's ipola photo wall.)

(My mixed-media prints on paper--please forgive the glare!)

(Collage work by Jen, one large photo far right by me.)

(My photo narrative--more on this soon-- Jen's small collages bottom right.)

My prints, up close:

"Lineage of a Human"

"Two Fly Off to the Sun"

"Home is Where the Heart is"

"Sing to Me, Birdsong"

"Furniture Thoughts, Thinking"


The show is open! Hooray! "DomestiCity" had a lovely opening reception on Saturday night complete with a very full room of friends and colleagues. (Thank you to those of you who came to join us in person. I'm so thrilled you were there!) It was very festive and full of good conversation, flowing wine, a few platters of snacks, pretty flowers, and finished artwork. Oh, happy day.

I took these photos just as the sun was setting and the indoor lights were focused and ready to go. Our visitors hadn't yet arrived, Jen wasn't yet in her pretty black dress, I wasn't yet in my pink dress and black tights, the room wasn't yet buzzing with our excitement and the attention of our dear guests. I like looking back on this moment, the brief pause when we had finally finished installing the artwork, but hadn't yet opened the doors and welcomed the first guests. Such a brief, but important pause, just before we officially finished. Phew!

Jen & Bob Lake have done an amazing job of turning their live/ work space into a home gallery. I love the current trend of alternative art venues popping up in people's homes. In the past few years, I've been to house poetry readings, home performances, home music concerts, and now a home gallery. I love that Jen is taking her Sprout Studio work one step further to create Project Sprout Gallery. And, I'm honored that I got to be the other 1/2 of the very first exhibition in their new pretty space. Phew, I finished! xoxo, k.


  1. Yay!! Congratulations, Katrina! It all looked fabulous - and it sounds like it was a great night. Wish I could have been there... Some day. :)


  2. congrats! so exciting!!

  3. Congratulations! It looks like a lovely show. The work is beautiful.

    And what a cool idea to turn ones home into a gallery, like making your house a temple to art. Love it.

  4. So exciting to see... congratulations! Wishing now that I could see it in person. One day, eh?

  5. sounds exciting and the works displayed are beautiful. I hope it turns as successful as those pieces and both your efforts deserve.
    I also like the idea of exhibiting at your own place, although you need a pretty and nice place like that!

  6. Congrats! it sounds and looks wonderful!
    Annamaria :)

  7. stash: thank you, dear friend!

    maria: hooray! we did it. yes, one day, one day...

    lisa: thank you!

    amma: aw, "a temple to art", i love it! thanks for visiting here...

    gracia: thank you! i hope one day we can exchange books and prints and poems... in person! one day... a girl can dream.

    esti: it was such a wonderful opening reception. makes me remember how important it is to share the work with a community of supporters. and yes, their home is something special.

    caramela: hooray! thank you...

  8. looks just wonderful!!! good going lovely love!!!


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