A Photo Narrative: Part Two of the DomestiCity Exhibition

1. (The Tale of Two Ladies Dressed-Up in the Park.)












I think of this photo shoot like a short story. Yes, "The Tale of Two Ladies Dressed-Up in the Park". I've actually been working on editing this same collection of "short photo stories" since I was a senior in college--some 12 years ago. The collection currently has about 7 or 8 stories (this one is the most recent) and each story has the same 4 parts:

  1. A small group of women dress-up in very particular outfits or costumes.
  2. They travel to the woods, the cemetery, a large city park, or some other place that evokes wilderness, strangeness, reflection, vastness, and/or expanse.
  3. They mull over a handful of questions that revolve around a central theme and most likely that theme involves gender, femininity, women's roles, maybe archetypes, goddesses or heroes.
  4. They talk, they giggle, they listen, they debate, they stare quietly off into the distance.
More and more, I think the collection of photos are also about fashion and wilderness and how the two are odd bedfellows-- place dictating norms and styles in fashion, how those norms and styles become more exaggerated as the fashion and landscape enter some sense of conflict, awkwardness, unexpected contrast or surprise.

In this series, "The Tale...", I was inspired by a conversation that transpired as we were pooling our color-coordinated garments into the center of the room before heading out to the nearby park. I was sharing my themes for the show, my exploration of mid-century modern furniture, color, patterns, the image of the 50s American housewife and how that image has been reclaimed, resisted, and/or re-imagined. One of them equated domesticity with loneliness, with feelings of isolation, obligation, and confinement. I was struck by this thinking and am still mulling it over now. In the editing process, I found myself drawn to the images that better expressed these feelings.

For now, these lovely ladies are exhibited at "DomestiCity" on view at Project Sprout Gallery until this Sunday, February 21. We'll be hosting a closing reception on Sunday from 2-5, if you would like to swing by for some cookies and coffee and tea. Only 7 of these photos are on display in the exhibition, blown up big to 11" x 17". I wanted to show you *so* many more of them, so I settled on 12 for this post. Without telling you which 7 I selected, I'd LOVE to know which 2 or 3 are your favorites! Join us on Sunday, if you're in town...


  1. I easpecially like the attention paid to the details. I like 1 5 and 10 the best.

  2. My favorites are the first three - but I also have a hard time resisting the noble features of that sweet dog on number 9.

    I so wish I could be there, dear. Some day.


  3. K--I have so wished to make it to this, but timing has always clashed with T. I am slotted to pick him up at 3 on Sunday, but I hope to work something out.


  4. Anonymous2/18/2010

    I really, I mean REALLY want that yellow and white jacket...so CUTE.

    What a great series of picture stories!

  5. Anonymous2/19/2010 I think are my top faves. Of course always so hard to choose, which is why I am sure you like the feedback!

    I LOVE this post, as you can imagine. I LOVE IT!!!!

    Plus I am about to make a skirt and love that gray bubble skirt with the fat waistband. Think I'll go that direction.:))

  6. To "stare quietly off into the distance" is one of my favourite favourite things. (As is that delicious shade of warm yellow.)

  7. hello friends!

    thank you SO much for your feedback. i had to choose from over 100 photos and it was so hard to decide. finally, i chose #1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, and 10 to be exhibited in the show.



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