Prints, Quilts, and Patchwork Pieces

*A new print: Whirl & Wonder*

*Detail: What to say?*

*The full print.*

*Detail: the moon...*

*Detail: thread and pencil.*

Hello, my friends. Here's a glimpse into a few of the handmade things that I've been making in my studio. The winter brought with it a renewed inspiration for sewing and stitches. I found myself turning to a stack of craft books to learn new knots in hand-sewing, new stitches on my trusty Singer, and a new appreciation for stencils, cut-outs, and other forms of printing on paper and fabric.

I made this new print just after the DomestiCity show opened. I was hoping to keep the prints-on-paper to a weekly rate and churn them out like a little printmaking factory. Turns out, I am not a factory. Some weeks I want to work with words and poems and long careful narratives; some weeks I want to work with fabric and thread and stitches; and some weeks I'm drawn to nothing but linoleum blocks and ink and paper. And I've decided, this is all okay! I like the way this print came together and just listed it in my Etsy shop.

*And, I made a baby quilt.*

*Yellow & blue vintage chenille blocks.*

*The yellow backside, detail of the hand-stitched binding.*

*Detail: All tied up with coral color string.*

*Detail: the binding.*

I finished this baby quilt that I started three years ago. Yes, three years ago! I can't really think of any other project that sat in my studio completely dormant for such a long stretch of time, before being brought out of the suitcase and back to the work table. Finally, it's done and listed in my Etsy shop. And I learned a bunch about my impatience by sewing that binding by hand. Who knew I was so impatient with my stitches? I'm working to grow this part of my art practice: patience. Yes, please.

2 more things:
*THANK YOU for those of you who came to the DomestiCity show for either the opening or closing reception. I am SO glad you were there to join us. And THANK YOU to those of you who purchased artwork during your visits, I am so grateful!

**Check out this performance by my friend, Erika Chong Shuch. I was lucky enough to see it in person on Feb 13 at City Hall in San Francisco. I love Erika's work, and this show is worth talking about: Love Everywhere. See you soon... xoxo, k.


  1. So good to see what else it is you are working on. Don't you love the sound the needle and thread makes as you sew through paper... it makes it all the more enjoyable.

  2. I'm liking your work better an better. There's nothing better than creating whatever one feels like doing.
    How was the DomestiCity show? I'm not sure that I can afford buying one of the pieces, but i'll be checking your shop if there's something affordable left :)

  3. lovely lovely sweet print. the dancing shoes are a delight! and congrats on finishing the baby quilt. so many of my projects that get left by the wayside never seem to get finished, i'm excited to see that such things can be salvaged. and indeed sewing anything by hand can be either a dream or a pain in the booty!

  4. that quilt is stunning....
    so sorry that we had to miss your show... but we had a very very good excuse... tell you more about it in person....


  5. gracia: it's always so nice to post the work on this blog, like it becomes part of something larger here. thank you for your visits, dear friend.

    esti: hello! yes, i'll be adding a few unsold prints to the etsy shop in the next few weeks. they are all framed so will be more expensive, but i'll put more original work up soon. and we can always trade!

    vanessa: i was completely determined to finish this one. it was something to conquer, but i finally did. learning new stitches has been lovely. miss you, sweets.

    lisa: oh my goodness, you definitely had a good excuse. glad you are home now. phew...

  6. that is such a lovely quilt (if i only had a baby, i kid! sort of...). so nice to see you and your beautiful work on sunday. you are quite inspiring!

  7. laurel: so glad you like the quilt, AND that you were able to join us at the closing reception. so good to see you too.


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