Collections, Denyse Schmidt, and the White Elephant Sale






Hi friends.

I've been thinking quite a bit about collections lately. Like the arrangements by Lush Bella, Camilla Engman, Lisa Congdon and the Bits and Baubles from Nature group. I've been seeing gorgeous photographs of collections everywhere and I think it's super inspiring: To organize, arrange, document, and photograph ordinary or extraordinary collections of things. I'm intrigued by collections of natural and human-made things; strange and beautiful things; color-coordinated things; texture coordinated things; rare things; common things; just the overall careful curation of a certain group of beloved objects.

All of this has me thinking about my own collections. And my mother's collections. And the many collections of my father's. And how our personal collections create a lineage of objects that traces through the family lines like physical characteristics or personality quirks. This thinking on collections has me nostalgic for the shelves in the basement of my childhood home; the odd collections I've carted with me back and forth across the country; the new collections I'm intuitively beginning without recognizing them yet.

It also has me thinking about how to make collections of my work online and in my portfolios. Over the next few months I'll be tackling the virtual cobwebs in the corners of my cyber worlds, but I'm inspired to include a bit more of my "junking" and collecting into the portfolio of my work. How to arrange my work into collections and how to name those collections by medium or texture or discipline? (And I keep returning to a simple vision of brown kraft paper and natural linen with bursts of bold pattern and bright color. Oh, the endless joy!)



2 more things:

*I recently finished this scarf, my first attempt at following a Denyse Schmidt pattern. (I love her refreshing quilting patterns! This was a great excuse to re-purpose a stack of small fabric scraps.) And yes, my husband took these photographs that's why I'm looking straight at the camera with a bit of a flirty grin.

**The White Elephant Sale is this weekend in Oakland, CA! It's the time when all good things come together under one huge roof: Charity for a local museum, amazing thrift and vintage finds, recycling/ reusing/ and re-purposing all at once. Happy first day of March!


  1. Anonymous3/02/2010

    yay for finishing lingering projects!!! i love the chenille in there, makes it rather precious.

    you are so cute! thanks for that glimpse at your beautiful smile darlin!

  2. With collections in mind, you should read Orhan Pamuk's The Museum of Innocence. It is all about the art of collecting and personal keepsakes. I think you'd enjoy it.

  3. I love your scarf and your beautiful face, dear. Collections as lineage... That's a really interesting way to look at it. I wonder if you would find little traces of each of your family members as you observe your on collections... Huh. I like that.


  4. ambra: i love that vintage chenille and it was in such perfect condition when i received it. glad you like the full-on photo, i so rarely post photos like that one.

    gracia: thank you for this recommendation, i will definitely check it out. i'd love to see how other artists are considering collections.

    maria: yes, i think there are bits of their collections in my own. and that there is a relationship between our familial lineage and the lineage of objects in our lives. we'll add this to our "tea & wine" conversations lists. someday.

  5. hi pretty lady! love the scarf...

  6. you look SO great in that scarf!!!

    i completely forgot about the WES. hmmm. do i need more stuff?? :D

  7. melissa: hi, friend! glad you like the scarf.

    lisa: blushing. it's hard to share photos where i'm looking straight on. thanks for the cheers. and i do NOT need more stuff, but i have a soft spot for the WES. text me if you're there... i have some diehard friends throwing a bbq nearby, you could join us.


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