Medium Format Film & Almost Spring in Our Urban Garden

...over the years, we will know...


...my (always) california...


...where the nasturium grow wild...

...two trunks, like you...

Hello friends. It is not quite spring here in the Bay Area but is very, very close. It's the one place that I've lived where the official season start-dates nearly hold true. March 21 will just about be officially spring in our garden, at the farmer's market, in the nearby park where the cherry blossoms bloom, and also in our tiny orchard where the peach tree lives. Oh, heart! Oakland is almost full of intoxicating blossoms and the most vibrant greens and the palest pinks, peaches, and mauves. (I love the endless inspiration and promise of spring.)

I'm flying to NY in just a few days and my fingers are crossed that temperatures will stay above freezing for my visit. A March snowstorm would not be unwanted, but long walks in 50 degree weather with my camera in tow are also sought after. I'm hoping my mother will teach me to crochet on this visit. She taught me to sew when I was a teenager, to knit when I was about 25 and visiting from Brooklyn, and I'm hoping this time she'll teach me to crochet pretty little circles and snowflakes and star-shaped things.

These photos are from last spring. I just developed a few rolls of medium format film and looking at the images is a little bit like looking at a time capsule I buried just for myself. I'm falling deeper and deeper for the textile-like qualities of film. I love my digital cameras and my basic Photoshop skills, but there is something so resonate about film and I just can't get enough of it. I hope to spend the spring intoxicated by blossoming fruit trees, noticing each new bud in our little urban garden, prancing around Oakland in sundresses and vintage cardigans, while capturing it all on film. Sigh. A girl can dream.

2 more things:

1. I am loving Selenography by Joshua Marie Wilkinson, just published by my colleagues at Sidebrow Books. Poetry & polaroids are a fine combination and I just love Wilkinson's work. Amen.

2. Congrats to SoEx for the recent Monster Drawing Rally. Such a great art fundraiser and so fun to bump into friends, share cold beers, tuck back into the corners of the big room and watch the artists draw under the pressure of the clock and the crowds. Such fun!


  1. I love these photos....its very hopeful as I sit here in the bay awaiting another storm tonight. Thanks for sharing. I love your work.
    I reposted a couple of your photos on my blog "A pretty Mat"



  2. liesel: hi there. thanks for visiting my blog. glad you liked my photos and *thank you* for crediting me on your blog. it always makes my heart sink when bloggers don't credit each other for their work, so thanks for linking back to my page and letting me know. so nice to "meet" you. and happy almost spring!

  3. I love the photos, too, especially that first one and the dreamy haziness of that fourth one...

    Hope you are well, dear.


  4. really stunning photos!

    there is something about film that captures the feeling of a moment better than digital...i can almost feel those photos.

    this has me reminiscent of last spring too, during which I was in Oakland. spring there completely took my breath away. I sure do miss the palm trees....none of those here in vancouver!

  5. Spring. Ah Spring. How beautiful it looks. And a little of sign of what is to come for you this season when spring is fully with you, all green and intoxicating.

  6. Anonymous3/14/2010

    always such pretty photos my dear...

  7. maria: thank you for sharing my journal on your nightstand list! so glad you like these photos.

    vivienne: you wrote, "there is something about film that captures the feeling of a moment better than digital..." and that just sums it up. yes, a feeling to film that doesn't appear in digital photos. i'm not sure what that is, but i agree.

    gracia: spring is certainly intoxicating. and i realized this spring that i think i take about 100 more photos during spring and summer. i just can't help myself.

    ambra: thank you, sweet friend.

    lovely people: as always, i'm so grateful for your thoughts, feedback, good cheer, and blog company. i haven't been making enough time for your blogs lately, and i intend to remedy this soon. thank you for continuing to visit here. it is such a gift to me...


  8. Oh spring. You are so lucky you can start planting soon. I've been obsessed with gardening for months and our last frost here in wisconsin in early may! That feel like forever. I guess I will just have to satisfy my obsession with beautiful photographs. Thanks for the fix.


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