New Prints in the Making: Thread, Weeds, & Wool

(a little bit of brown.)

(raw wool, from a friend's lovely farm.)

(new print, nearly finished.)

(playing with photos & thread & thistles.)

(a few favorite tools.)

(close, little star.)

(new print: take 2.)

(thistle becomes a thistle.)

Hello my friends. I have been a bit off schedule, as you might have noticed! Since our trip to NY, I've been swirling in details and playing catch-up and then last week was like a little cyclone all of its own. But I'm back and happy to share a few things here. Funny how it seems like I've been away from this little spot for a longtime, but it was only about 10 days. (Smile.)

I am in the midst of a handful of new prints on paper. After the show in February, I've been inspired to make bigger projects for myself, to think more thematically of my printmaking work instead of just a dabble here and a doodle there. Not to say that dabbles and doodles aren't perfectly wonderful, but just to say that I think I work best when my analytical parts can hold hands with my dreamy parts and make the artwork together.

I like to research, I like to challenge myself to think of how my work is or isn't contributing to bigger social/ environmental/ political conversations, and I like to tackle big impossible themes in very small or abstracted ways. I like all of this. And I also like to be able to put all of this thinking away for a few days and wander around the city with my camera and notebook in tow, all sunshine and lightness in search of new blossoms. These photos are bits of things I've been making in my studio. Just tidbits in progress, that might be leading up to a bigger whole. Happy week to you!


Some inspirations... I am currently loving the jewelry work by Pepita, I mean Loving with a capital "L". I also just fell head over heels for Austin Press, Clare Goddard's collages which aren't on her site but you can get the feeling, and the Elle Decor article on Olivier Gagnere's house made me want to weep with possibility for color and pattern and textiles. Just a few things for the swoon list... xoxo, k.


  1. loving your new work - and the thimbles... sigh....

    austin-press is a dear friend of mine... she is FANTASTIC xo

  2. Katrina, I really like the direction your work is taking... Lovely. Thanks!

  3. lisa: thank you for the good cheers. yes, thimbles & thistles make me sigh with delight.

    and so funny you are friends with austin press. i LOVE their work. i think it might just inspire me to get my little letterpress up & running. i have a special love for brown kraft paper envelopes!

    kevin: such kind words. thank you so.

  4. I love your new work - and the idea that you want your analytical and your creative sides to hold hands while you work. It's a lovely image.



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