New York to California (and More).

Our trip to NY was short and sweet. We didn't make it to NYC this time but instead stayed in the small town where my mom lives and where I grew up. We spent the week mostly cooking and nibbling and chatting with family and friends but we also managed to pull off a surprise party for my mama's birthday: yummy Mexican food, followed by bowling, followed by wine and presents. It was quite a delight to see my dear mother all lit up with birthday wishes.

When we weren't eating or chatting or visiting with beloveds, we did manage to take several walks up the country roads to marvel out at the bare branched trees, overcast skies, and heaps of wet brown leaves. There weren't any buds or blossoms on the fruit trees yet, but a warm afternoon before we left makes me think that spring is just around the corner there too. I felt like I was in a fairytale when I woke up this morning in CA and the warm breeze crept in through the bedroom window and the peach tree showed it's pink blooms. Delight!

I managed to return to CA with a dose of jet lag, a hearty cold & sinus headache, a long to-do list, and just about as much wanderlust as a heart can manage. (Sad but true.) We used to travel quite a bit and this trip made me realize that we haven't been traveling as much as we used to. Perhaps "travel" is just a synonym for "adventure" which could be physical traveling, or states of feeling/ thinking, or just more time for doodling and daydreaming. We've been so busy working that we haven't had much time for dreaming and I think dreaming is key to a healthy art practice and studio life. So... I don't know exactly how, but I do know that I need to carve out a little more time for dreaming.

Before I go...

1. I was so honored to be the ShutterSister's Daily Pick last Wednesday, March 10. So exciting!
2. I was interviewed by Nicola of LovelyPrettyCheeryThings, click here if you'd like to read.
3. Spring and fall are so busy with art events in the Bay Area, so I'm trying to share some of my favorites here. This weekend, check out Sara Kraft's show HyperReal at YBCA. Not to miss...


  1. So sorry to hear your return has been a bit of a rude awakening... but the trip sounded absolutely lovely. And I am glad your Mama got her bowling on, too! Keep dreamin' and wanderlustin' xoxoxo

  2. karisa: hello, sweet friend! the trip was great, it just made me want more time to travel and scheme and dream. i need to push out a little more time for such things...

  3. See, as I see my young days vanish more and more, with them goes some of the adventurous feeling of my days, the travelling, of course, the naiveness, etc. As my family got more settled and with the kids I felt that dreaming was the only thing from my young days that I still can keep. Art is my way of dreaming.

  4. i hear you on the wanderlust. i've got it. bad.

    your trip sounds really lovely though....

  5. sounds lovely!
    Plus, I'm so delighted to enjoy the visuals on this post! The pods are 'out of this world' looking!

  6. Always inspiring you are! Wanderlust is funny, always butts up against domestic desires, like my budding garden. To me it's about a sort of freedom, partly from this schedule I'm keeping, ha. To art! and dreaming!

  7. esti: this comment resonates with me so completely. especially the part about art being your dreaming. perhaps that's why it is so necessary.

    lisa: maybe we should plan a little trip for rambling and dreaming. i think that usually seems to help!

    lenore: thank you for visiting! and for your kind comments.

    laurel: you raise such an interesting point, i wonder if wanderlust and domesticity are rivals? or if they can happily coexist. that old saying...roots verse wings?



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