Alameda Flea Market Finds

(Wood type: letterpress lovelies.)

(Weathered bottles, the perfect shades of blue.)

(Beautiful old burlap feed sacks.)

(Vintage finds, and fashionable shoppers looking.)

(Statues, tarnished & true.)

(A metal bin of beauties.)

(Heavy linen, how I love you so.)

(Seagulls, fighting through the wind & weather.)

(We had to fight the weather too,
raindrops on my mister and on the car windows.)

This Sunday I made a trip to the monthly Alameda Flea Market. It's like a treasure trove of all things beloved and vintage! There were so many things to swoon over, but I was particularly taken by the burlap feed sacks, the pale blue bottles, the letterpress wood type, a handful of vintage butterfly prints, and a collection of old wire baskets. Sigh.

If only it didn't start raining so hard we had to run for our truck along with the masses of shoppers also running to take cover. Next month, I'll go again and make a deal with the weather to allow more time for browsing and dreaming through my camera lens. The shoppers & buyers were so beautiful dressed in layered vintage garments that I wanted to take a million photos! If only I were a little bit braver. In time, I will take more portraits of beautiful strangers, particularly those wearing gorgeous vintage garments and/or carrying armfuls of flowers. (Uh-ho, I think I just made a public promise.)

I hadn't made a trip to the local flea market in quite a few months and it was delightful to wander around the stalls and booths and tables lined with baubles and beloved objects. This market draws sellers and buyers from miles up and down the coast and some from even farther. Like so many things in the SF Bay Area, I take its proximity to my house just a little bit for granted.

The first weekend of the month is quite a lively time in the East Bay with the Oakland Art Murmur on the first Fridays and the Alameda Flea Market on the first Sundays. Magically, I managed to get to both events this weekend and I even made it to a dance performance in San Francisco on Saturday evening. It was a lovely little weekend amidst the dreary fits of rain. And now, somehow, it is already (happily) April!


  1. love your new banner!

  2. great photos! I visited my childhood home this past weekend and went to the local flea market on Saturday. I really like treasure hunting! My finds were earrings and honey!

  3. i haven't been to the alameda in quite some time. your photos are so lovely.... and make me want to go !!!

    happy week to you dear k

  4. Anonymous4/08/2010

    so whatdja buy? did you get all those letters???

  5. I like the new banner, too! And the Alameda Flea Market... siiiigh..! I'd love to visit it. Some day.

    Loved all your photographs - and I'm sure you'll start getting braver about taking strangers' portraits. :)


  6. shauna: thank you! i'm experimenting with a few new looks, so it will likely change a few times before i settle in again. it's time for something new.

    jj: i adore treasure hunting. i grew up with treasure-hunting parents so i like to think it's in my lineage! maybe that's just a good excuse.

    lisa: we should make an alameda flea date. it would be fun to scour with you.

    pilar: hello friend! glad you are visiting here. i walked away with 2 old metal & wooden school chairs and one burlap feed sack. i have an (impractical) obsession with old wooden chairs.

    maria: i would LOVE to take you there. (i'm so smitten with your design sponge house tour.) and i hope you're right about the brave parts. one day...


  7. Your photos have a certain mood to them, a delicacy and nearness.
    Haven't been to a market in a while. Your post makes me miss it.

  8. Everything in these photos are wonderful! I really hope there is such an amzing flea market in Hong Kong.It must be very exciting to have a treasure hunt there!

    Have a beautiful weekend:-)

  9. esti: "a delicacy and nearness" i love that you think of my photos in this way. love, love it. yes, flea markets are always good adventures full of inspiration.

    koey: thank you for visiting my blog! it's nice to "meet" you. and thank you for your kind words about these photos.

  10. beautiful post... i'm headed to your area this weekend... any tips on places to go? I look for assorted bits to use in altered art pcs and jewelry. Thanks for any tips.

  11. keli: nice to "meet" you. yes, i'll list some of my favorites.

    In SF: Thrift Town on Mission St & 17th is a favorite thrift shop; Therapy on Valencia & 16th is cute, along with The CandyStore, The Bell Jar, and Needles & Pens all on 16th Street between Dolores & Valencia. Just wandering Valencia from 14th to 25th is full of magical spots!

    In Oakland: The East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse is a good will for art supplies on Telegraph Ave, and then BakeSale Betty's magical scones are just a few blocks north on Telegraph & 51st. Also, the south end of College Ave in Oakland is darn cute.

    I could go on & on. Oh, so much to love in the Bay! Enjoy your visit.


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