Apple Blossoms & A Spring List of Things


(two. three.)



(six. seven.)


I'm currently intoxicated by the cherry and apple blossoms all over Oakland. The weather has been temperamental the past few weeks--sunny & blue & gorgeous one minute, then rainy & cold & full of wind the next. One afternoon when it was particularly blue and balmy, I climbed to the spot in the yard where the apple tree is sounding its petals like one thousand tiny trumpets. From there, I crept under the branches and took these photos of the petals & buds & dotted boughs. The blossoms are like a swirl of pink and white skirts, all movement & flutter & frill; or they are like that band of tiny trumpets & trombones & tubas sounding their music all at once. They are so intoxicating with color & shape & ruffle that if I stare at them too long, I think I might fall over drunk.

Because of the season, I'm making a long list of spring things:
  1. Love: Sunday was our first wedding anniversary! After ten years together, we were married in the height of cherry blossom season last spring. So sweet.
  2. Prints: I have a handful of prints in-progress. A table full of thread, linoleum blocks, one-line poems, drawings, and stitches too.
  3. Dreams: I am hunting for a new studio space. I would like a better ventilated studio, more natural light, and a few like-minded artists to share it. Yes, please.
  4. Baking: Strawberry rhubarb pie is 100% spring! We made a pie last night and it is simply delicious!
  5. Design: I'm pouring through interior decorating books once again, it's time for a spring cleaning and purging too.
  6. Gardening: Our garden is a beautiful mess of blooming vegetables and gigantic weeds: sweet peas, lettuce, fava beans, garlic, onions, chard, chamomile, calendula, and rosemary grow & thrive regardless of our weeds.
  7. Inspirations: I'm collecting images of gray wool, natural linen, tan cottons, and brown kraft paper too. I want to combine these neutral things with big bold bohemian prints, swirls, & blooms in surprisingly bright colors.
  8. Words: I'm slowing working on a new collection of poems about water.
  9. Stitches: I just purchased a few yards of African fabric at a local shop. I'm going to make myself a simple summer dress.
  10. Before I go: I just love this quote about spring: Everything is blooming most recklessly; if it were voices instead of colors, there would be an unbelievable shrieking into the heart of the night. ~Rainer Maria Rilke.


  1. Agree. The weather is very TEMPERAMENTAL in Hong Kong too. It's obvious global warming's been very serious:-(
    Calendula is one of my favourtie herbs as its charming yellow color can be kept even thogh it's added in soap.

  2. The photographs are beautiful! and you've inspired me to make a rhubarb pie... Thanks.

  3. happy anniversary! blossoms across america...and thank you...i love that quote.

  4. Happy Anniversary to you guys!! And the weather has been temperamental here, too.

    Happy spring, dearest!


  5. koey: i love that you're using calendula in your soaps. i've made infusions with calendula, chamomile, and lavender but i haven't made the soaps yet. one day!

    kevin: hooray! i'm so glad you are making a rhubarb pie. i can't get enough when it comes to rhubarb, delightful.

    deb: thank you for the sweet wishes. yes, the height of cherry blossom season is something magical.

    maria: thank you for the good wishes. and happy, happy spring to you too, dear maria.


  6. oh, man. that rilke quote is incredible...


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