The Dresses/ Objects Project: Phase Three

(The Dresses/ Objects Project: my dress.)


(My dress: front view.)

(My dress: back view.)

(Letterpress fabric print: up close.)

(Another print: up close.)



Hello friends. I have some very good news to share with you today. The Dresses/ Objects Project will be exhibited at Z Space at Theater Artaud from June 25- July 18, 2010!!! As some of you know, I have been working on this project since 2007 when I letterpress printed poems from Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons on to recycled fabric then sent the fabric prints to various artists to craft into dresses and wearable objects.

And now, I'm going to create an installation at Z Space complete with dresses, photographs, poems, and various dressmaking objects. During the opening weekend receptions on June 25 & 26, there will be live performances choreographed by Erin Mei Ling Stuart of EmSpace Dance and five lovely dancers. And, during the closing reception on July 18 there will be a poetry reading with local poets inspired by Stein's work. I've also decided I'm going to be present during all Saturday gallery hours to make one final dress as part of the installation. I couldn't be more excited about this big, huge, lovely, amazing, humbling, inspiring project! Each artist along the way has totally knocked my socks off.

I have had the amazing honor of collaborating with over 30 women artists spanning the visual, performing, and literary arts ranging from printmakers to fashion designers, furniture makers, jewelry makers, painters, illustrators, photographers, fiber artists, poets, and dancers too. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with such amazing artists and I feel so incredibly lucky to be installing this project with my friends over at Z Space. Such exciting news!


  1. hooray!! i am only so sad that i will miss it - i look forward to pictures/videos/stories though upon my return :) congrats lady!

  2. yay! so happy to read this !!

  3. Amazing, amazing, amazing photos and project!

  4. its awesome..:)

    regards: ronel

  5. Ms. K,

    This is so beautiful!


  6. jen: yes, yes you will be able to enjoy through photos/ video/ stories. certainly.

    lisa: hooray! i have a venue & a set of dates!

    steph: thank you! and thanks for visiting my blog too.

    ronel: thank you! and thanks for stopping by my blog world too.

    bea: my sweet friend, you are so amazingly supportive. thank you for your kind words and blog visits.

  7. Wonderful project, I'll look forward to seeing more photos.

  8. louise: thank you! i'm excited to document the process here as i go. soon, we'll be in dance rehearsals and building out the installation and all the rest. oh my, so soon!


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