Two New Prints (and Other Things).

(Detail: Cyanoprint, stitches, found poem.)

(Detail: New linocut. Hello whale friend.)

(Detail: shapes, color, stitching.)

Another new print: Love Me Not.

(Detail: Collage and stitches.)

(Detail: songbird linocut.)

(Detail: Stitched collage.)

Hello, lovely friends. I've added two new prints to my Etsy Shop. I decided to take the inspiration from the DomestiCity show and make a few smaller prints, unframed, easier to ship possibly to your lovely homes to add to your affordable art collection. There was something very satisfying about making such simple prints with such a clear vision. Sometimes I see something very clearly in my mind and I do my best to make that image appear in my prints, books, or objects. And sometimes I just see a hint of something and keep working and working until I see the thing more fully realized in a physical form. Is it a similar process for you?

Lately, I'm all about staying true to that initial vision, regardless of how realized it is or isn't. I find myself going back to my basics in my weekly studio practice. The basics for me are poetry and sewing. They are the space I first remember opening up into the art world when I was just a teenager. I first considered myself an artist through my writing and my stitches and I want to honor this identity in my current work (and in preparing for the upcoming Dresses/ Objects show). But thinking of myself as a poet and stitcher who makes prints and photos and objects, that makes sense to me in this moment. So I'm sticking to it.

I was at another amazing workshop for artists this weekend and a rather accomplished choreographer said, "I think being an artist has been my dirty little secret" and that really struck something for me. Why is it that so many of us keep the artist hidden away? Relegated to "hobbies" and "passions" and "dirty little secrets" instead of being fully recognized parts of our professions? I know, that's a million dollar question... something about confidence and society and risk-taking and identity and finances. Anyway, a few new prints in my shop today, take a look if you like. xoxo, k.


  1. It's such a pleasure to see in to your process. Beautiful work... again...

  2. these are so nice Katrina!
    i've got to start experimenting with my sewing machine... very inspiring :)

  3. Kevin: Thank you, thank you. It's kind people like you who cheer me on.

    Thereza: SO glad you like. I'm a bit obsessed with using stitches in my prints. I can see how they would find their way to your illustrations too.

    Friends: Your words mean so much.


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