Dance, Dance, Dance.




This weekend we started the dance rehearsals for The Dresses/ Objects Project. Well, the choreographer started the rehearsals with five amazing dancers and I happily sat off to the side watching and taking photographs and writing poems. It was wonderful to watch the process: to be witness, to completely observe, to just perch at a little table off to the side with my thoughts drifting out and in.

Her process reminded me of my own writing process. How I often start with a topic or theme or emotion and then the work gets edited over and over, one part gets erased, one part gets embellished, one part takes center, one part takes to the side, and somehow what I end up with still resembles what I started with but it's also completely transformed. Does that make any sense?

And I met with my intern today for the very first time and she is a delight. We talked poems and nervously shifted over coffee and tea and a book by Gertrude Stein. She just finished her freshman year of college, of course she's studying poetry, and this made me remember those very first years that I fell in love with poetry too.

The way each author opened up a new space inside my heart. The way each poem was somehow a portal to a place inside my thinking or feeling that I hadn't yet inhabited or noticed. The way I was absolutely and totally convinced that poems were the most important part of the world. They way they were the most important part of my world and, sometimes, they still are.

Before I go: My husband is co-directing this show at YBCA this weekend with Sara Shelton Mann. Think: experimental dance meets provoking text meets video marvelousness. I think it's going to be quite good. xoxo, k.


  1. yay for interns :) i just can't believe i'm going to miss your project still...

  2. i love your musings on the creative process - no matter what the genre i think there are similar elements strung throughout...

  3. Yes, that makes perfect sense to me... one part is polished and embellished, another extended further... another altered completely. It is similar to my creative process too.

    Looking forward to seeing and reading more.

  4. jen: yea for interns, for certain! i can't believe you'll miss the installation either. but that's one more reason for good documentation.

    aimee: i think we all probably make art in the same way. maybe even the same desires motivate us to create? good to know you agree.

    gracia: yes, polished and then embellished and then edited out altogether. oh, the process and the patience too!

  5. Yes. I know exactly what you mean about writing (although I don't write poetry, just random thoughts gathered into paragraphs). What a perfect analogy with choreographing - and especially so for poetry.

    I love your photographs. And your words. Always.



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