Poetry & Fashion & Flowers

Dear friends,

I am getting closer and closer to the June 25 opening of The Dresses/ Objects Project. The choreographer and dancers are well on their way in rehearsals, the behind-the-scenes team has been assembled to assist the production, the dresses are just waiting for a little mending, and we are scheduled to start installing on June 14. Oh, heart! In the meantime, I'm trying to keep my wandering thoughts focused on the to-do list and the things I can do before we begin to install. Aside from designing the postcards, shopping for dress forms and vintage slips, securing in-kind donations and coordinating meetings, I am also focusing on poetry, fashion, and photographs.

Today, it started with a favorite breakfast before my studio day. A scone, a cup of black tea, and a bowl of fresh fruit to accompany my thinking.

A bouquet of beautiful flowers has kept me company too, encouraging with yellows and purples and blues amidst an overcast day.

I'm writing a long poem for the walls of the exhibition to be scrolled behind the dresses and photographs and ephemera. I'm using my own text alongside found text from favorite crafting books, the amazing and horrifying Etiquette by Emily Post, and of course Tender Buttons too.

I still see shades of purple and gray wherever I go, encouraging my color study for the installation.

I'll be using these favorite cameras to create a few more fashion shoots. I like to use square format film alongside my trusty digital SLR.

I've gone back to a handful of favorite fashion shoots including this spread of Zooey Deschanel in C Magazine, September 2006. That light alone is just heartbreaking.

I love this spread in an old issue of Metro.Pop (issue 31). The background makes me swoon: warehouse walls peeking through lush draped fabric and models looking straight at the lens.

This one is a little more recent: the November 2009 issue of C Magazine.

I dug out an old inspiration folder and pulled out some of my favorite fashion images. This folder was full of torn out pages and dogeared corners from catalogs and magazines. Some of the images were tucked away years ago and it was fun to find them now and love them once again. I'll use these images to inspire the next photo shoot of artists wearing the dresses. Okay then, stay tuned...


  1. I hope to be reincarnated as Zooey - she's so lovely. Have you seen (500) Days of Summer?

    I'm jealous of you getting to enjoy a leisurely, tasty breakfast on a Monday morning. :)

  2. sara: i would like to be reincarnated as zooey too! thanks for visiting my blog. yes, i get to spend all day monday in my studios but the rest of the week i'm jealous of my mondays too! nice to meet you...

  3. I like your pictures of flowers!

  4. i was going to say i love the zooey too! and what sorts of in-kinds are you looking for? i don't know if i can help, but you never know who i might know that could. let me know. xoxo

  5. How exciting, it`s allways so inspiring to read your posts and see your photos and things!

  6. I love the Zooey Deschanel photo..! Its essence, the light... it's gorgeous. Beautiful places to draw inspiration from, dear.


  7. elisabeth: thank you!

    kj: oh, what a sweet offer. i'm looking for food & wine for the opening reception, a dress form or two, a sturdy sewing table, and some vintage undergarments! thanks for asking.

    katrine: aw, thank you. so sweet.

    maria: i agree! the light in that photo is absolutely stunning. someday, i hope to capture my own light just like it. yum!

  8. what great pictures. I love the little purple flowers..are they real? I could not tell.
    Great post!


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