Preparing for The Dresses/ Objects Project

My friends,

As you know, I'm preparing for an installation of The Dresses/ Objects Project to open in San Francisco on June 25, 2010. This is quite a feat in organizing people, objects, and my own creative thinking but today I'm just focusing on the objects and elements in the room: dresses, photos, poems, and dress forms. More so, today I'm focusing only on the walls of the room. So, I'm collecting things and thinking in colors and shapes and fragmented lines from the beloved poet, Gertrude Stein. Here's a list of my thinking:

Everything starts here, with this letterpress print of a Gertrude Stein poem.

Last week, I spent a few hours in a fabric shop searching for grays, purples, and plums in wool, linen, cotton, and canvas.

Now, everywhere I look I notice the purple and gray: these little flowers outside my front step will probably find their way into tiny little vases in the installation. They are the perfect shade of purple, after all.

I made a new mixed media print using a few inches of the new fabric. That circle of text reads: wedding ring, feather, clouds, and rain (beloved gray & silver things).

I wanted the fabric to be layered together in a mishmash way, letting the various stitches sit on top of the patch instead of hidden underneath.

I've gone back to my first copy of Stein's Tender Buttons. I want to use her text to make my own short poems to be painted on the walls.

Flipping through the pages of the newest Elle Decor, I found this photo of my color theme: gray, purple, beige, and an inevitable bit of botanical green.

I've created a gallery of inspiration boards on Flickr, but this one was in the new Elle Decor. I love this photograph so much I just might keep it in my wallet. "Live beautifully", amen.

My notebook is full of lists and more lists. This one lists the elements that will be in the room, complete with question marks where I'm undecided.

And this page of my notebook is complete with sketches of the gallery space. Seven and 1/2 weeks until the opening: I can do it, I can do it, I can do it.
xoxo, k.


  1. yes you can do it. yes you can :) xxx.

  2. your photo of the fabrics made me swoon and fill with warm fuzzies. xoxo

  3. every photo was more beautiful than the next . the grays and purple of life!!

  4. so exciting to see it all come together.... lists lists and more lists.... lists are good !

  5. jenifer: thank you for the good cheer! i can do it, i can do it...

    kj: such sweet words, my friend! "swoon and fill with warm fuzzies", how kind.

    red: oh, thank you! so glad you like the pics. thank you for visiting my blog too.

    lisa: yes, my mom always told me that i should make lists so "my thoughts were free for more beautiful things". so true!

  6. Ah, yes, lists... and sketches... I love it all. And yes you can, yes you can!!

    It all looks wonderful, dear.


  7. Anonymous5/10/2010

    sooo exciting!!!!! 1000 gold stars in both tenacity and vision my love. I am so proud to be a part of this project and love hearing about the evolution. you are grand! xxxooo

  8. How great to see it all coming together... such excitement. Thanks for sharing a little of the process and good luck!

  9. hi katrina! i've missed hanging out here. so great to catch up on your dresses project - i love the changes you've made on your header, and your photos/drawings are just exquisite!

  10. Of course you can do it!

    the mixed media piece is beautiful... and your lists make me smile. Lists are the threads of our lives.

  11. maria: i think that lists are a girl's best friend! it's the only way i can seem to manage.

    ambra: thank you for the 1000 gold stars, i will take them right across the heart.

    gracia: yes, i'm trying to share a bit of the process as i go. otherwise, it is all locked up in my head and scattered around my studio!

    aimee: i have missed you too! i wish time could move slower in the virtual realm. sigh. sooo glad you like the header.

    esti: i think they just might be the threads of our lives. imagine how pretty, though, if they were actually all embroidered.

    friends: you are the best blog friends a gal could ever hope for. sigh. i dare say it's so.


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