A Quick Trip to the Vineyards

Hello friends! For those of you stateside, I hope you had a lovely long weekend. I didn't manage to attend the usual barbecue or park picnic but I did manage to take a day trip to Napa. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've now lived in the Bay Area for a total of eight years and this is the first time I've ever indulged in a tasting tour in wine country . At least I finally made the trip! And I was not at all disappointed.

(Pretty blue skies and grape leaves reaching for the rolling hilltops.)

(My favorite winery was dotted with vintage white lights, so perfect against the shadowy orchards.)

(Dear friends in from New York, to toast and giggle while we gathered.)

(Aisles of broad grape leaves dotted with pretty orange California Poppies.)

(It seemed so decadent, tasting wine in the middle of a sunny afternoon, as if this is really my daily life! Just the thought of it makes me chuckle.)

(A bit of Bocce ball in the grass below the orchard. For just a few hours, it was our little slice of quiet tasty heaven.)

It was delightful to take a day off from all the other things that wanted my attention. The rest of the weekend was dappled with work but with the very best kind of work: photo shoots and dresses and rehearsals and even a visit to a nearby letterpress studio for some beloved printing. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Did you picnic? Did you barbecue? Oh, say you had a veggie burger and a cold brown beer for me too! xoxo, k.


  1. i had a great weekend! My friends the bestest friends came in from all over to visit and we drove to Savannah and spent the weekend! It was fabulous! I love a good long weekend!

  2. I'm so glad you took some much-deserved time off and went to Napa. It looks wonderful..! (Love the little white lights.) And yes, that giddy feeling in the middle of a summer afternoon? Decadent and wonderful, indeed. Good for you! I'm glad you enjoyed yourself, dear.


  3. i had the best weekend. camping and touring northern Michigan, and cider tasting, and lake swimming. I had some wine for you.

  4. Beautiful photos, that second one of the string of lights in particular. I am glad you had a little well-deserved time off.

  5. Sounds like a fantastic day and a great week too.

  6. besty: glad you had a lovely long weekend. and thanks for visiting here.

    maria: it felt so decadent to take a day off from the office and tour the vineyards with dear friends. perhaps i need a little more decadence from time to time. maybe so!

    shauna: sounds divine, my sweet friend. glad you got yourself into the wilderness for some camping.

    gracia: the little white lights were adorable, strung along the orchard just over the picnic tables. sigh.

    louise: my gosh, was that just a week ago?!? i guess it was. hope you are having a lovely week too.


  7. Blue skies, poppies, Bocce...ahhh. What a weekend.

  8. denise: it was so lovely to get away, even just for an afternoon of total rest & relaxation. amazing, the effect.


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