The Dresses/ Objects Project is Now Officially Open

Hello friends!

The Dresses/ Objects Project has officially opened. Hoooraaay! We opened on Friday night with a room full of people, five live dancers, three live musicians, and enough wine to carry us through the opening hours into the evening. What a delight! I managed to snap these photographs at our final rehearsal so you can see the space, the dancers, and the musicians too. I'm still sifting through documentation of opening night and will share the results with you once my brainwaves have returned to normal--because I'm trusting that they will!

It was a challenging process but, in the end, I'm super happy with all the results and wouldn't have it any other way. From first printing the poems on fabric over three years ago, to the opening weekend dance performances, to the weeks of exhibition still ahead, I'm absolutely honored and humbled and thrilled to have collaborated with over 30 brilliant women artists to make this project happen. Before this show, I was used to making work that would fit on a table, or possibly a human, but this installation occupies over 1,600 sq feet! My goodness, and now it is complete. Hooray, and then hooray!

Before I go, I also must thank the journalists who covered this project in various papers and articles. I am especially grateful (and still blushing) for these generous articles in the San Francisco Chronicle and the San Francisco Examiner. My goodness, what a dream. The installation is up until July 18, gallery hours Tuesday-Saturday 1-5, and yours truly will be present on Saturday afternoons making one final dress from the letterpress prints. I've had so little sleep in the last two weeks that it all feels very much like a dream. Perhaps it is a dream, a dressmaker's dream of sorts... xoxo, k.


  1. Katrina, it was such a pleasure to be at your opening on Friday. Congratulations on a wonderful show! I look forward to seeing more.

  2. Hooray indeed!! Congratulations, Katrina! I hope you get to cherish and remember that dream-like feeling, and that it will serve you well, really, for the rest of your life.

    Congratulations again, dear. It looks and sounds like it was wonderful opening night.


  3. wow.
    Intrigued by the bottle and the posturing, poetic all.

  4. it was so lovely to be there friday! you are amazing!

  5. yay! congratulations !

    will definitely be coming by one of these saturdays for a visit !

  6. kevin: thank you! and thanks for your ongoing support.

    maria: thank you, friend! very good advice to cherish and remember the dream-like, especially as my thoughts already charge ahead to new work. very wise advice. i'll tuck that somewhere in my heart space. xoxo.

    mansuetude: so nice to hear from you again! glad you find it poetic.

    laurel: thank you friend! so glad you were able to join me in person. so so glad.

    lisa: hooray! it's up!!! so glad you'll come join me on a saturday. looking forward to it. and to our summer tea time too.

  7. hi katrina,
    i visited your blog for the first time in a while and wow! congratulations! i think i had the privilege of seeing the very first stages of your dress project many years ago. i wish i was in the bay area to see it. congratulations again xo

  8. kaori: it's so lovely to hear from you! thank you.

    yes, i started the prints for the dresses in late 2006 and worked w/ the artists to complete the dresses in 2007. i took a break (got married, started a new job) then geared up again in late 2008 to find funding and a venue.

    now, i've been working on it for the past 18 months and it's finally open! (love to you across the miles.)

  9. So great to see... if only I could have attended the opening too. Looking forward to more pics and musings shared... congrats!

  10. Looks like a huge success. Congratulations all round.

  11. gracia: thank you! i will share more photos and musings soon. for now, i'm hiding away with a bit of quiet...

    louise: thank you for the kind congrats. phew! it's open...

  12. Anonymous7/06/2010

    Kudos! What beautiful work, I'm excited to come see it in person. You are indeed amazing.


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