The Dresses/ Objects Project: Opening Weekend

Hello my friends,

I just tucked myself into a quiet corner of the installation to take just a few minutes to say hello. (Hello, world!) You've seen a number of photos of the beloved dresses but I just wanted to show you a few sneak peaks of other work in the installation. This is just a peak so I don't ruin the surprise for folks who will be able to join me at the opening receptions.

This is it! The moment has arrived. The installation is almost complete--the dresses are sitting pretty in their various locations on dress forms and hangers and dress racks, most of the photographs are edited and printed and ready to be hung around the space, there is still some handwork to be done on a few letterpress fabric prints and a bit of finishing painting too--but we are nearly finished with the installation. Almost there!

This last image is of a postcard of the lady herself, Gertrude Stein. It seemed only fitting that she would actually appear somewhere in the midst of this installation. A token, a gesture, a nod, maybe even a bow in appreciation. That's it for now, dear friends. I just wanted to peek out from behind my sewing machine and hammer and clothespins to show you a little bit of what we've been doing the past two weeks. Hello, world! Now, come help us celebrate, won't you?


The details: The Dresses/ Objects Project by Katrina Rodabaugh in collaboration with 30 women artists. Installation on view from June 25 through July 18, gallery hours Tuesdays- Saturdays from 1-5pm. Live dance performances with EmSpace Dance during the opening reception on Friday, June 25 and Saturday, June 26 from 7-9:30. (The doors open at 7pm and the performances will start by 7:30 so get here before 7:30 to see the dresses in their full installation effect! Dance performances will happen in sections throughout the evening with mingling breaks between.) If you're in the area, I hope you'll come join the celebration and please say hello if we haven't met. xoxo, k.


  1. I wish I could join you. Well, I'll be there in spirit, toasting to your success :)

  2. hooray & good luck, good luck!!! Thoughts are with you dear!!

  3. You know I wish I could join you, right? And, as Esti commented before me, here's to toasting to you and your cleverness.

  4. I hope to make it on Saturday. Many lucks and hugs!

  5. esti: i wish you could've joined me too. thank you for your long distance toasts!

    jen: thank you, my dear friend. i wish you could see it in person!

    gracia: i would love it if you could join me! and i would love to see your work in person too. thank you for the faraway cheers.

    melissa: thank you friend! what a long project but i'm so so happy with the results. finally, the project has officially opened.


  6. i loooooove made by katrina!!!!
    greetings from spain


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