From Inside the Artwork, Outside the Comfort Zone.

My friends,

Today, I am in the midst of the largest installation I've ever attempted, in the middle of the largest creative project I've ever coordinated, just two weeks away from the largest opening I've ever orchestrated with over 30 artists in collaboration! I keep thinking to myself, "I'm just making the world of a book into the size of a room" but today that room felt very, very big!

Today, I am inside the artwork looking out at the world. Stretching my hands to the space just beyond where I can usually reach, patting the edges for things that might bring comfort and sustenance and warmth. Today, it all feels bigger than me. Tomorrow, it will feel like something else. Today, I want to sit in the garden with a cup of tea and a homemade gingerbread muffin and just sit still and think quietly.

Today, I am stretching beyond my comfort zone into the space where new thinkings can be discovered. Today, I am gathering my sewing things, my fabric prints, my poems, my photographs, my beloved dresses and I am installing them into the exhibition room.

Today, I want to pause in this moment: make space for the unknown; turn a lamp on over the things I know and trust and recognize with comfort; take just a few more hours to remember this first day installing a book that's actually the size of a very, very large room. Somehow, this project I started three years ago is now just nine days away from it's opening reception. My, oh my, oh my...

xoxo, k.


  1. beautiful words.... a perfect way to describe the creative process....

    best of luck and enjoy the experience
    [and thank you for your kind kind words on my post today...] xoxo

  2. these pictures are the perfect anchor in the other direction for the frenzy of your installation! lovely, delicious, simple. enjoy the ride and report back please!

  3. Sounds great and exhilarating and challenging and like something to remember, always. Enjoy the bumps that arise and the smooth patches too.

    Congratulations... and good luck.

  4. Hope the overwhelming part had now flowed into the fun/rewarding part. I'm sure all will be fantastic.

  5. lisa: glad the process resonated with you too. wow, what a ride complete with exhaustion and excitement at every turn. so amazing to watch it finally unfold.

    aimee: yes, i love the way you've said the perfect anchor. so true.

    gracia: bumps and smooth patches too. it is good to notice the smooth patches along the way, somethings just work and somethings just don't!

    louise: yes, exactly what you've said. the overwhelm has flowed into rewards and excitement and still plenty of ends to tie up too. so close!



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