The Dresses/ Objects Project: Closing Weekend

Dear friends,

I'm still in exhibition land over here in Oakland, CA. The Dresses/ Objects Project is only open until Sunday, July 18 and I can hardly believe it is nearing the end. (Good grief!) What a lovely and bittersweet place to be: almost at the finish line after so much preparation and hard work. I have to say that this creative marathon has been worth every (metaphorically) sore muscle and ounce of sweat. Truly, I couldn't be happier with the artist collaborators, the opening weekend celebration, the generous press, and the things we have planned for this closing weekend too.

I've been at the gallery each Saturday afternoon making one last dress and I haven't quite finished the last dress (I've only designed, cut, and pinned the dress together) but I'm so excited to have this opportunity to meet with visitors and work on the last dress/ object at a much slower pace. (Slow = joy!) And so, I wanted to share a few more photos from the installation and the previous photo shoots too. I've just uploaded a bunch of images to my Flickr set if you want to take a stroll through dress/ object lane.


*Here's the front view of the installation, over 1,600 square feet:

*And a view from the side:

*A view from my sewing station, at the back of the gallery:

*A view from the other side, looking in:

*A close-up of the back wall, my color study/ inspiration lines:

*And here are a few more images from the previous photo shoots, mostly dancers:

*The choreographer for the opening receptions:

*A dancer, after rehearsal:

*Two dancers, profile & pretty:

*One of my favorite images from the photo shoots, makes me smile every time:


I'll be present this Saturday afternoon from 1-5pm if you want to come visit with me and the dresses. Sunday is the closing reception from 2-5 with a poetry reading at 3pm featuring three incredible local poets: Lara Durback, Jennifer Manzano, and Erika Staiti. I love these three poet ladies through and through and through. We were all classmates together in the MFA Poetry program at Mills a few years back and I continue to find inspiration and amazment in the work they create. They are brilliant and beautiful ladies! I can't wait to hear them read and if the stars align, I will make an audio recording of their reading.

So, come by on Sunday if you are feeling a tug at your heartstrings for a bit of poetry, experimental prose, and maybe a glass of white wine on a lovely summer afternoon. I can't believe we are already in the middle of July. Dear friends, I hope your month has been happy. xoxo, k.


  1. beautiful in every way... i've enjoyed your posts about the journey of this project, from the start to the finish. a bit sad to see it come to a close, but excited to see what you come up with next!

  2. So great to steal a further look at this body of work. I know what you mean about the finish line... it certainly is bittersweet. I feel the very same way about finishing a piece as well as the exhibiting side of things.

  3. aimee: so glad you've been cheering me on from start to finish. i'm also excited to see what might be next.

    gracia: thanks for your encouragement as the project unfolded again and again. it is bittersweet but also full of the possibility of new beginnings. xoxo, k.


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