The Installation is Over but the Garden Abounds

Hello friends,

The Dresses/ Objects Project is now officially closed. This weekend was full of one last dressmaking session on Saturday and a lovely poetry reading on Sunday afternoon. Now my studio is officially bursting at the seams with bags and boxes and heaps of things we brought back from the installation. I'm excited to say that a few new projects were born from this one including a commission and a possible opportunity to show the dresses again in 2011. (Keep your fingers crossed, please!)

In other news, it seems our garden has been bursting at seams of its own. I admit, lately my husband has been the head gardener and I've been an eager but inconsistent assistant. Lucky for us, he's been tending to the herbs and veggies while I've been preoccupied with the exhibition. There are fewer things that make me happier to live in Oakland, CA than our ability to garden and frequent robust farmer's markets all year round. Today, I thought I'd take you on a little garden tour, so you can see what we currently have blooming.

My husband's favorite: the dear little potatoes.

A handful of tomato plants are more promising each day.

Our blooming onions.

This was the first year we successfully grew garlic. Yum!

Potted herbs continue to thrive: sage.

Behind the basket you can see lettuce and the last of the chamomile.

We had more fava beans than we could eat. Amazing.

I've already dried & chopped two batches of peppermint tea,
they love the shade by our front doorstep.

Summer squash and a pumpkin, visited by a brown butterfly.

A hearty handful of basil in the sunlight.

I know a number of you are gardeners too. Are you growing anything special this season? I'm wholeheartedly invested in the urban gardening movement--it's so inspiring to see pots and patches of edible plants all around our lovely cities. Someday, I hope we have a big barn for our art studios, an orchard full of apples and stone fruit, and half a dozen chickens too. xoxo, k.


  1. being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep on posting.

  2. i can't wait to have a bigger yard/farm. someday! i think we're growing most everything you posted plus carrots, strawberries, cucumbers, kale and "moon and stars" watermelon. i can't wait for that one to fruit.
    sad to miss your show closing sunday, glad it was so lovely!

  3. lots of peppers, zucchini, lettuce and herbs. kale and the tail-end of our cauliflower. tomatillos and cilantro. it's been a very good year.

  4. You've inspired me to sort out my garden this weekend coming. It may be winter, but there are still things a green thumb can do and tidy.

    Happy summer days to you,
    g xo

  5. we've got tomatillos! :)

    happy summer friend

  6. ann: nice to meet you. thanks for visiting my blog!

    laurel: yum! i love knowing what you have growing in your garden. we also have some carrots, cucumbers, and kale but we cannot make the strawberries big and strong. not yet.

    carol: oh, peppers! we don't have any peppers. and i always want more herbs.

    gracia: oh, good. we do manage to keep a little bit growing all year round. though this month is particularly lively.

    lisa: tomatillos are delightful! and happy summer to you too, my friend.

  7. We had tomatoes, and mint, and itty-bitty corn (that got eaten by the squirrels!), and mint, parsley, basil... The incredible heat has gotten the best of them by now, though...

    It sounds like your summer has been going well, dear friend, and I'm so glad. I've been a little bit down because of the heat - it really has been unbearable over here!

    Anyway. So glad to visit your space again.


  8. maria: it's so nice to have you here again! yes, i can imagine the fragile little herbs would wither in the heat. we've actually had an incredibly chilly bay area summer, so i would love some of that heat. oh, the grass is always greener. happy gardening to you. -k


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