From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens

Hello friends,

The peaches are softening on the tree in our front yard, some are ripening so quickly that we find them at the end of the driveway, nestled against the electric pole before rolling all the way down the hill to meet their fate in traffic. We are gathering them by the bowlful, bringing in brown paper bags full of peaches and then turning to canning, freezing, and baking them into various delightful configurations.

We've had peaches with our meals for several days and I dare say, I am not tired of them yet. The lavender is bursting along the front steps and there is a particularly exciting bramble of blackberries along the back fence. As I said in a recent post, I heart urban gardening and urban foraging too.

I've been working on a few sewing & printing projects that I'll share with you very soon, but I wanted to put together another garden post (full of domestic images from the inside out) to celebrate a book that is now officially on pre-order. Some of you might know the lovely and talented Kerstin Svendsen (aka Shash from MeCozy) who has recently put together this brilliant book From Orchards, Fields, and Gardens: Art and rememberings celebrating sustainable agriculture and good food.

I'm so honored to be included in this celebration of artist as gardeners, homesteaders, and environmentalists. The pages promise to be full of one gorgeous recollection after the next and I'm thrilled to be included with so many wonderful artists and writers. This book promises to be so dang pretty that it's binding just might be gooey with pretty gardening goodness. Yup, just like a ripe mid-summer peach. If you're interested, you can pre-order your copy right here. Happy summer, friends. xoxo, k.

I made a quick trip to the San Francisco Renegade Craft Fair this weekend and quickly found some favorites: Utilitarian Franchise, Sara Paloma Pottery, Alice Jarry, and Chewing the Cud.


  1. Peaches in the front yard? Oh! How envious I am.

    Looking forward to leafing through a copy of Orchards. So very, very excited.

  2. mmmmm peaches.... did i say mmmmm?

  3. peaches rolling down the street sounds amazing! bounty of life modern and earthy.

    Love your header.

  4. gracia: the peaches have all been picked. sad but true. at their peak, we would find them rolling down the hill to various fates in the neighbor's yards. so amazing!

    lisa: oh, i agree. we can never have too many peaches, somehow.

    mansuetude: the bounty of life modern and earthy INDEED! glad you like this header. nice to see you here again.


  5. Oh, Katrina, the new book sounds wonderful... I'll have to follow your link after I catch up with your last post, dear.



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