Greetings from Afar!

Guess what? I'm finally on summer vacation! For two whole weeks I'll be visiting family and friends throughout various corners of New York State. With a very busy June and July behind, I've happily tucked my unfinished to-do lists into a drawer in my studio where they can wait patiently for me to return. In my haste, I've managed to make an even more important wish list for my summer trip...
Dear Upstate NY,

I'll be visiting you very soon and I'd like to put in my request for 70-89 degree weather with the exception of one dramatic thunderstorm-- no fog needed, we've got that covered in CA. Also, I'd like a roadside ice cream stand for a chocolate vanilla twist, a handful of fireflies dotting about, and a swim in a rather clear lake or at the base of a waterfall.
Thank you for managing this request.

I've tucked a new swim suit, too many books for light travel, a favorite sketchpad, and my camera amidst a suitcase full of warm weather clothes. I promise to take too many photos and share them with you when I return. See you back here on August 30th. xoxo, k.


  1. have fun...and please, take too many photos!

  2. have a lovely vacation. a well deserved break!

  3. Have a wonderful holiday, and I hope it includes that dramatic thunderstorm too.

  4. have a nice and magical holidays!

  5. i want to see you stat upon return. let's make a date. double couple dinner date? a dcdd? ;)

  6. hello friends:

    as always, thank you for your kind and generous thoughts. i love the way that blogs allow for communication and community building and how that often happens through the comments. so, thank you.

    i've returned from NY but need to take a little more time away from this blog. i'll be back very soon. with photos and words and thoughts i've been thinking. as always, you all are magic.


  7. I hope you had a wonderful time, Katrina. I'll be back in full working mood in a week or so. Wishing you had lots of fireflies meeting your way.

  8. esti: i've missed you! seems summer has taken us both away for a bit. i have a whale print all ready to make its way to you, where it belongs. happy almost autumn, friend. xoxo, k.


Thank you for your comments, friends. I like to think we are creating a dialogue in this space--building a virtual community.