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Hello friends,

We have returned from our two-week trip to NY. With one extra week to readjust to our usual schedules (returning to the office & studio, attacking the laundry heap, assembling some groceries, and reminding our little garden that we do still love it very much) I think we are just about back to normal now. Well, as normal as normal gets around here, you know?

Our trip was packed with visits to family and friends. We met our newest family member at just 13 days old (hello, newest nephew you), we visited parents on all sides and ends of NY state, we attended a gorgeous (so gorgeous) wedding in the Catskill mountains, we dipped in and out of Brooklyn for just 36 hours of 90 degree heat, and we spent an entire week helping my dear mama heal from a recent knee surgery (she is plugging away like the champion that she is, thank goodness). Even two weeks was somehow too short to see all of our friends and beloveds in NY but it was a good start, at least.

The time away from the day-to-day proved to be meaningful, reflective, and important, as always. I found myself staring out the car window thinking about final edits to my poetry manuscript, reflecting with new insights to the recent Dresses/ Objects Project, and the whispers of new art dreams started making themselves heard. So while vacation wasn't quite long enough, it was also just long enough to feel like I stepped away and came right back again. And it's good to be back because, honestly, I missed you. xoxo, k.


  1. Welcome back from your journey, and thanks ever so for squeezing me in on the ride.

  2. i missed you too! xxx.

  3. Welcome back from your travels, dear..! So glad to hear you were able to unplug for a little while and had the chance to visit and reconnect with the people you love.

    And the photographs, as always, are lovely.


  4. welcome back!
    so nice to see your lovely shots from NY!

  5. gracia: thank you!

    jen: aw, i missed you too. finally, we are back in the same city by the bay.

    maria: as always, you are so very dear. thank you!

    lisa: hi there! thanks for the welcome home.

  6. Anonymous9/20/2010

    I like the bunny, lol.

  7. Toemailer: Glad you like that sweet little bunny.

  8. I just love {one.} I want to stand in the photographers shoes and breathe it all in...

  9. denise: aw, what a lovely comment. yes, so much to breathe in when traveling back to someplace so dear.


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