Zinnias & Louise Bourgeois

Hello there friends,

Two square feet of my living room has been quite the source of inspiration the past few days. At the end of the couch, atop a small wooden table is a large yellow pitcher full of zinnias, just next to my new "LB" book full of images by the amazing Louise Bourgeois. Not to mention, the cover of the LB book is the prettiest shade of pale blue and it's a striking contrast to the fiery orange, plum, and scarlet of the zinnia blooms.

With a very busy week ahead, I can already imagine I'll want to crawl back into this space: nestled quietly at the end of the old blue couch, zinnias perched by the armrest, Louise Bourgeois images to pour through, while a stash of thread, pencils, and film wait very nearby as the kettle starts to purr and I rise to fix another cup of tea. Sigh! Saturday, you are going to be quite the temptress amidst a busy week.

"LB" is a delight. I'm particularly interested in the fabric drawings, fabric books, and works with text. Makes me swoon.

The zinnias are intoxicating! What we didn't know, was that they were also carrying several of the tiniest snails I've ever seen.

I tried to save them, coaxed them to one broken zinnia blossom, waited until the temperatures cooled and moved them to the backyard. I hope they make it through the heat.

I *love* this drawing by Bourgeois. The blue ticking stripe against the brighter blue stripe is breathtaking. I might try some of my own.

And I love this shape she created in another fabric drawing. I loved it so much that I incorporated it into a collage. Look under the embroidery, over the chair on the left, you'll see the LB swirl with the word "shine".

In progress: inspired by the pink zinnias, the cool blue cover of the book, LB's thread swirls, and my daydream corner of the living room.

Detail of the new collage. It reads, "My mother taught me to sew/ shine/ I believe in love/ too."

Even as the zinnias begin to fade, they are still a welcome surprise each time I enter the room. It's like the air circulates around them more freely, perhaps remembering the sunlight and soil, not just adding color and texture, but bringing memory of light and earth too.
xoxo, k.


  1. How beautiful days you have here dear Katrina.

    Thank you so much for visiting my small weather diary!

  2. i love your illustration!!! the detail is exquisite!!! its been such a treat to visit here!!!

  3. I think I might be the only one who can't get over how cute the snails are. Maybe cause I loved snails so much growing up (weird I know), or maybe cause I love anything miniature. In short, tho I love everything you do dear Karina, these cute little snails stole the show.

  4. what could be better? zinnias and LB?? :)

  5. anna: so nice to meet you. and thank you for visiting here too.

    lavender: thank you so much! i'm honored.

    bea: my sweet friend! aren't those snails adorable? so very tiny.

    lisa: i agree!


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