Interior Design & Methods of Inspiration

(My new living room arrangement.)

(The inspiration: Oct 2010 House Beautiful.)

(I love to combine various patterns, colors, and prints.)

(If I had my way: dark wood floors, soft white walls,
and all the textiles would be bright bold prints.)

(This week's farmers market flowers: dahlias.)

(I love this wall arrangement SO much.)

(From an old favorite: Domino March 2009.)

(My own wall arrangement inspired by Domino.)

Hello you,

A few weeks ago I took the better part of a Sunday morning to rearrange our living room. It is always such a relief when I make time for some nesting. Lately, I'm taking comfort in a bit of calculated inspiration. I used to believe I had to fully imagine the idea, object, or concept on my own or it wasn't completely "authentic".

But I've changed my view. After all, is there really any intuitive or "authentic" image that wasn't somehow influenced by my own life experience? And isn't my life experience a collage of the people, places, conversations, dreams, images, books and even color palettes around me?

I think so. I'm going to try to follow this calculated inspiration and see where it takes me: I want to collect a series of ideas and images and then create artwork based on that collection. Ideally, I'd like to combine concept and intuition; thinking and feeling; knowing and not knowing; research and impulse; heart and head, I suppose.

xoxo, k.


  1. wow...the "transformation" looks GREAT!! I love the style and the colour

  2. please invite me over so i can enjoy the new view from the couch.

    sure do miss you. xo

  3. i love your living room! beautiful!!

  4. i wish to make a request to come sit on cozy couch in new arrangement & sip tea with you very soon. :)

  5. busma: thank you, thank you!

    shauna: you are invited. always and forever amen.

    aimee: thank you, lovely you!

    jen: request granted. i would love to serve you tea on my cozy couch and i'll even bake cookies too. come soon!

  6. I like your thoughts about authenticity. It is an interesting topic to consider. Your living room looks great. I'm inspired.

  7. denise: it's hard to decide where authenticity begins with inspiration, right? so glad you were here and enjoyed your visit.

  8. Or if authenticity truly exists at all... Perhaps it requires a new definition. It's all very thought provoking. Making artwork based on these thoughts is a superb idea. I'm looking forward to seeing what what you create.

  9. denise: yes, or if it exists at all, certainly! i suppose "intuition" might be a better word for artwork that is following one's own inner navigation than an outward concept/ theme/ set of restrictions/ guidance?

    but, this is quickly falling apart too because i think i would also argue that intuition is influenced by life experience and so maybe it's just as difficult to define as "authentic". hmmm.

    i guess what i mean is that i want to experiment by working more conceptually/ thematically in my art/ craft work and also still allow space for intuition or impulse. ah, language!

    (thank you for your rich comments.)

  10. Katrina-
    Such a lesson in life to realize that you don't have to create every idea yourself to be a great artist. Afterall, the world is full of so much inspiration. I'm sick in bed today, and enjoying reading and seeing all the wonderful things on your blog.

  11. catherine: thank you for visiting here. yes, it's such a relief when you realize that you don't have to create it all yourself. that you can directly draw from the things around you. and that perhaps, it's the best way to better understand your own inspiration. nice to "meet" you.


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